A daft bit of nonsense while I wait for the Muse


“There, there click that button.”

“Bloody hell, get your fingers off my keyboard you silly mare.”

“Well, you should have clicked that.  The one that says upload, look.”

“No, no I’m not going to do that.  You know we’ll get into trouble if we’re caught.  I just wanted to look.”

“Drool more like, God you should see your face.  Oh look, look at that one, look at the size of it.”

“Sheesh, I didn’t know they came that big.”

“Turn the page, come on turn the page.”

“Oh, right and who’s drooling now. You’re acting as if you’ve never seen one before.”

“Well I haven’t not that big. Oh look a black one, I’ve never had a black one.  Have you?”

“Not as big as that.”

“Hey watch out here comes the supervisor.  Book mark it.”

“Book mark it, are you mad?”

“Right, right, I’m coming back later but send me a link.  I want to look at the specials.”

“I’ve looked they’re amazing.  Got me down a bit, you know all we have around here are ordinary ones and other women, well ya know?”

“Yeah, I know what ya mean.  To be honest that’s one of the reasons I split with Gary.”

“What was?”

“Well he said I was never ya know – satisfied.”

“Well were you?”

“No, course I wasn’t and can you wonder when you see these.  Oh look at that one, it’s gorgeous.”

“Ah Mags, look, there’s one with a chain round it, oh can you imagine what that’d be like. “

“Shit, shit.  Good morning Mrs Samuels.”

“Good morning ladies, not surfing on company time I trust.”

“Erm well, I was just going back to my cubicle.”

“Right, maybe before you go we can all look at what was so interesting.”

“No, no, it was nothing, it was erm.”

“Ah yes, I see.  Okay ladies I think you should come to my office after lunch, you know this is a disciplinary offence.”

“Thanks Sandie, this is another fine mess you’ve got me into.  Bet I get my cards this time.”

“A mess I got you into, it was your idea.  Oh Sandie look at this brilliant site I found, you’ll love it you said.  Everybody’s looking at it you said.”

“Yeah well you said you wanted to see some good big ones.”

“I know, I know but well, at the end of the day they are only handbags and now we’re probably going to get the sack.  Ha, that’s a good one, the sack – oh bugger.”



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3 responses to “A daft bit of nonsense while I wait for the Muse

  1. Diane, this is the kind of smut would have had me rolling in the isles when I was at school. You have a refreshingly…juvenile sense of humour. Loved it 🙂


  2. Hahaha! You sure got me with this one! 😀


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