I am fickle I suppose

I have had my Kindle for a while now, it is one of the early ones with a keyboard, I love it to bits.

We have hundreds of books – really hundreds, but since buying my reading machine I haven’t bought any paperbacks at all.  However, I was given a bundle by Harper Collins recently and in the great clear up I decided that one of the best things to do with these newcomers was to read them and then they could take their rightful place in the “library”

a few of my books during the latest sort out.

a few of my books during the latest sort out.

Well the first one was dross – it really was and I tossed it – that shows how much I’ve changed, at one time I would have ploughed through to the end but I now realise that life is too short to waste on poor writing.

The next one I tried was by an author called Paul Finch and featured a detective called Mark Heckenberg.  This was a new author for me and it was a hard copy so I was a bit nonplussed being a total Kindle convert. Anyway, once I remembered how to turn over the pages and so on I enjoyed it. It was very violent in parts, very violent indeed but the story was intriguing. It is another detective who has trouble with authority but it’s okay he is well drawn and believable.

Yes, I will read more of this series BUT I will have them on my Kindle – I can’t be doing with all this paper and stuff!!!!!


It’s back to the Kindle now and a story by an Authonomy friend – Jed Oliver.

In the meantime I’m still waiting for inspiration for my own next piece.  Hope it won’t be long, I feel very edgy when I’m not writing.  Mind you there was the Flash Fiction Friday competition on Autho just to keep my hand in.  I’ll pop my entry on here in a day or so – it’s a bit gruesome!!!  🙂


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One response to “I am fickle I suppose

  1. I was given a Sony E-reader for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I haven’t been compelled to use it as often as most. While an e-reader is easier to carry to the doctor’s office or on a bus, I think I still prefer the smell of paper and the actual turn of a page.

    Hope your muse returns from her holiday soon. 🙂


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