Back in the UK

So here we are back in the West Midlands.  It was hard to leave the woods when the trees were just turning gold but it’s great to be near to the family for a while.

It’s a long journey and we take our time.  We have our lovely VW truck and we spend two nights sleeping on the road, in with the truckers!  It’s great fun, lots of driving music, picnic food and time to chill and watch the passing scene.

We don’t use the Channel Tunnel because we enjoy the sail from Calais to Dover, it’s a nice couple of hours off the road and they serve a good breakfast.  There are shops to buy booze and handbags YAY and it’s a great place for people watching.

It used to be that it would be English people going on holiday or Booze Cruises, buying drink for weddings and parties and of course cheap cigarettes. Depending on the time of the year there are school ski trips, holiday coach tours and lately coaches filled with migrant workers.  It is noticeable though that since the change in the fortunes of the UK with the recent banking crises etc.there are fewer coaches from Poland and Lithuania filled with hopeful job seekers.

The school trips are amusing.  Young teens are like flights of sparrows, they settle and twitter loudly for a while and then as one they will take off and flitter away only to come to rest again a little further down the lounge.  It’s very entertaining to watch “The Race”.

Now that we are  back in the flat maybe my Muse will return and I can write something decent again – I hope so, I am feeling quite anxious.  Not today though, today is our forty fifth wedding anniversary so there is fizzy wine and a roast dinner and lemon tart.  No, I hope that the Muse will come but I hope she will wait until tomorrow.

Peninsular and Orient Line, still swimming

Peninsular and Orient Line, still swimming

AAAAGh - Oh no wait !!! It's okay it was on the back of a car transporter.  Couldn't resist the picture though.

AAAAGh – Oh no wait !!! It’s okay it was on the back of a car transporter. Couldn’t resist the picture though.



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3 responses to “Back in the UK

  1. Been flying these last years, and miss the ferry trips you so vividly describe, may the muse follow.
    For now … Happy forty fifth wedding anniversary to you ☼


    • Yes. we have flown now and again but we like our long drive. I think Ian likes to pretend he’s a trucker and I just love to watch the country passing by. The ferries have improved lately and the new boat Pride of Britain is really enormous and very nice indeed. Thank you for the anniversary wish. We have spent the day saying – Oh we were doing this now, and do you remember what so and so was wearing etc. Can’t believe so much time has gone.


  2. I’m sure your family will appreciate the time you can now spend with them. It looks as though you had a wonderful 45th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! 🙂


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