Sharp and Shocking

This piece of flash fiction is harsh and dreadful.

A Way Out

It’s cold now.  It’s dark, I can’t move very far.

When he brought me in here I saw the room, the bed and the chair in front of the video camera.  I saw the straps, I knew, I knew then that he would tie me up, why else would there be straps. So, no I can’t move far.

He left some water, I can reach that.  I can reach the bag as well, it’s a funny bag like a briefcase or no, no a soft laptop bag, it had a sandwich in it, and some crisps, those horrible prawn ones, not like proper prawn crackers, just corn things with an artificial flavour, I hate those. I’ve eaten them though and drunk most of the water.

I shiver now most of the time, I can’t help it.  There’s no blanket, nothing, just this smelly mattress and a bucket and a box of tissues.

I’ve stopped crying now.  No need for any more tears, he is going to kill me, I know he will.  Oh yes, he made the video and took pictures of me holding the newspaper but I could see it in his eyes.  It was all nothing, he’s going to kill me.  If only he knew, if only he had taken the time to find out the facts, my mummy and daddy, they won’t pay, they only adopted me to stop Mummy going to jail for the embezzlement charges, they thought if they had a child then the judge would be lenient.  Well he wasn’t and she was locked up and then Daddy… well he did what he did.  If only whoever this is could know the truth.  Maybe I should tell him, huh, he wouldn’t believe me.

He’s seen the pictures in Hello and all those other stupid magazines, Daddy and me, Daddy and Mummy and me, lovely family they all said, what a crime to send her to jail, yeah right.

So, that’s it.  I’m glad, I am, I’m glad he’s going to kill me.  I won’t mind at all.

I hear him now, I hear his boots on the stairs, clomp, clomp.  I will close my eyes now and no matter what he does to me I won’t open them until I am in heaven with baby Jesus.


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One response to “Sharp and Shocking

  1. A very sad ending for a poor wee thing who doesn’t seem to have had much of a life. You manage to fit a novel into such few words.


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