Me and The Bard

I am a bit of a Shakespeare lover, I am not very knowledgeable at all and have only ever seen a couple of live performances and a couple of film and television ones but when I read some of the speeches and things that he wrote it quite literally takes my breath away.

When we came to live here in the West Midlands one of the really brilliant things was that we now can visit Stratford-on-Avon easily.  For my sixtieth birthday we went round his birthplace and since then we have been trying and trying to be in the right place at the right time to go and see some live performances.  One day, one day.

Anyway, today we were there, the truck had to have some servicing done and the garage is walking distance of the town centre, joy and delight – forced to stay in Stratford with nothing to do but sight see.  We walked down beside the river which is really beautiful, full of water fowl and lined with willow trees.

The River Avon at Stratford.

The River Avon at Stratford.

Then we went to the RSC Costume exhibition.  It was really wonderful, the staff are pleasant and helpful and there are no ropes and rails you can step right up to the costumes and examine them closely and they are really well displayed in rooms with excerpts from past performances playing.  It was magical.




I was amazed at how well made they all were but of course they have a hard life.  There were some with blood stains and mud marks and even armour made to look rusty and battle-scarred.  I wish I could have photographed everything but it is quite an extensive exhibition.  Well worth a visit. 


This refers to the red costume in the centre of this group

This refers to the red costume in the centre of this group

IMG_0595great expectations dressIMG_0609



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3 responses to “Me and The Bard

  1. Oh, what a lucky girl, you are! I love visiting costume museums. Unfortunately, our local one closed its doors. It was a sad day for my friend and I. These costumes are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing some of them. 🙂


    • They were lovely and even more special because you could get right up close and then think about the people who had worn them and the magic of the performance. I loved it I really did – and Ian was very patient!! 🙂


      • The friend I used to go with to the costume museum loved getting close because she’s a seamstress and cross-stitcher. She loved to check out the way they clothes were made. 🙂


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