Book Trailer

I spent most of yesterday designing a book trailer for Who Follows.  It is a teeny little thing and it took hours to make.  Of course it took so long because I am still learning and I did learn an awful yet yesterday.  I love using the computer and can fiddle happily with something like Powerpoint all day but there are times when it all gets a bit frustrating.  I know that sensible people leave it at that point and go and do something else but I know also that many users are like me and just keep on and on bashing the brain box against the virtual wall.

Anyway here is a link to my Amazon page and the trailer is on the right hand side.  I am going to do a special with Who Follows at the end of the week and hope that this will give it a bit of publicity.

Who Follows 



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3 responses to “Book Trailer

  1. Impressive, Diane, and the sound is subtly effective.


  2. Yes, you have captured the essence of the story. 🙂


    • thank you – it was fun and I love learning more computer stuff. I only use Powerpoint and am surprised at the number of different animations that are available. I only wish I could do clever art but at least I have Angle to do that for me.


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