Coming Home

Field Poppy


Coming Home

“All right lads, nearly there, how is everybody? All okay?”

“Not too bad Sarge, not bad at all. I could do with a pint, but apart from that I’m okay. How are you Steve?”

“Oh, you know a bit nervous, bit brassed off, not keen on all this malarky.”

“I know it’s been a long flight guys but they do their best, under the circumstances.”

“Oh yeah, we’ve been fine. Comfortable really, haven’t we Stevo?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

Right. Now, when we get there there’ll be a bit of a delay, a bit of fuss and such like but just be patient and it’ll all come together. Just keep in mind, after all the hoo ha you can ‘ave a nice long rest, okay..

“Here we go, landing now. There’ll be a bit of a reception committee, try not to let it get to you, I’ve heard it can be a bit overwhelming but just stay steady, stiff upper lips and all that eh, make us proud.

“You all right Dave, something you need?”

“No, no Sarge. Well, I was just wonderin’ if my mum’ll have come down, my dad and our Geoff. I should think they might have.”

“Yes, well that’s fine, no problem lad.”

“Yeah, but well, do you know, will there be time, do you think that they might give us time for a few minutes with them, if they have.”

“Oh yes lad, there’ll be time. You should be able to have a bit of time on your own with ‘em. Have you got a girlfriend?”

“No, not now, going out to Afghanistan I didn’t think it was fair you know, so I broke up with Penny, I don’t think she’ll be here.”

“You might be surprised. My wife’ll be there and the baby I should think. I’ll bet the baby’s grown a lot in six months, don’t suppose I’d even know her if I came across her in the street.”

“Oh, you would, I’m sure you would, wouldn’t he Steve.”

“Yeah, probly, don’t know really, haven’t got any kids, far as I know. Never even been married.”

“Cheer up Ste, no point being a bloody misery, not now, that hard parts over after all. Here we go the doors are opening. It’s great to be back isn’t it Sarge. Crumbs there’s quite a crowd out there, I think I see my mum, yeah, well would you credit it you were right, there’s Penny.”

“Told you didn’t I. Why would she miss this eh. There’s my wife over there and my daughter. Eight months old tomorrow, little Rosy.”

“What transport are we getting Sarge.”

“A car each lad, this time we all get our own car. I’ll be in the front one.”

“Where did you say it was we’re landing?”

“Brize Norton.”

“Not Wootten Bassett then.”

“No, not Wootten Bassett anymore, not since last year. Right it’s time now lads, it’s been nice traveling with ya, great knowin’ ya and I’ll see ya over the other side I reckon.”

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For those who may not know Royal Wootten Bassett was the town that turned out over and over to honour returning fallen heroes and now they return to RAF Brize Norton.


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  1. Ah, I kind of expected the ending, considering what you usually write. Thanks for the explanation about Wootten Bassett as I would not have known this, otherwise. 🙂


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