A Little Flash Fiction to fill the wait while I write the next chapter

Gardening with Sally 

This plot is in need of some attention Sally, it’s looking very poor.  Not to worry I’ll do the weeding, tidy the shrub and then look – I’ve brought a bag of bulbs.  There are anemones and some alyssum and lobelia.  I’m going to put some new pebbles on it as well. 

Do you see, when It’s finished it’ll look like a rocky beach, the blue anemones and lobelia and then a froth of white alyssum.  I decided to do it this way because I’ve been thinking about that day on the beach.  Do you remember Sal, the day we all went down in the new car.  Dad was so proud wasn’t he, beaming he was and mum in her summer frock.  Then when we got there, oh I can see it now, the sea the colour of it deep turquoise, full of sequins.  Do you remember the heat haze and how it made the little boats shimmer and seem to float above the water?  We were entranced weren’t we?  I thought it was magic and then dad had to start to explain about the heat and optical illusions and so on.  Took some of our magic away, but that was dad wasn’t it Sal.  He didn’t have a lot of magic in his soul bless him, came of having such a hard life I suppose, seen things to knock the magic out of anybody’s soul I suppose, poor dad.

Ah well.

I was thinking how we went afterwards, do you remember for ice creams and then it dribbled down the front of your T shirt and you cried because it had been new on that day.  It was so precious in those days wasn’t it to have new clothes.  It’s so much easier now, down to T K Maxx and you can pick up clothes for anything and everything really cheap.  I don’t know whether its better though, having it all to hand as it were what do you reckon?

Anyway this isn’t getting the work done.

What do you think, shall I cluster the lobelia at the corners, it’ll trail over the little concrete edges and look like it’s overflowing won’t it.  Shall I try that?

Isn’t it a beautiful day, the blackbirds are flipping the leaves, can you hear them, over there under the hedge.  I love that, they always look as though their having such fun.  You love them just as much as I do don’t you.  Do you remember that one that used to come and sit on the window ledge, and mum used to chop up the bits of bacon rind for it?  Tell you what the thought of those bacon butties is making my mouth water, I can’t have it much anymore, lucky you, you’re not bothered with high cholesterol.  Funny that, it’s supposed to be genetic – hey perhaps you were right, all those years ago, when you used to get into such a paddy and scream that you must be adopted because you couldn’t believe you were related to me, and then dad walloped you on the behind.  ‘Course you can’t do that nowadays can you?  It’s right really I suppose but it made you so mad and you used to flounce off with your pony tail flippin’ from side to side – oh don’t get mad with me, I’m only reminiscing, not laughing at you.

Happy days eh Sal, happy days.  Nearly finished, it’s looking much better don’t you think.  I’m pleased with it anyway.  I’ve saved a few of the anemone bulbs, I’m popping over to see mum later, give her a bit of a beauty treatment and I’ll plant some of these for her.

There that’s it, I’ll just give this a bit of a rub, make it nice and clean.  Eh Sal who’d a thought it eh, who’d a thought it.  Shut your eyes love while I do this – he he he

In loving memory of Sally Braithwaite

Resting in the arms of the angels

1952 – 1960

There we are all lovely again.  See you next week our kid, see you next week.


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One response to “A Little Flash Fiction to fill the wait while I write the next chapter

  1. Lovely but sad. I thought, early on, that the narrator was talking to a deceased person, knowing your writing as I do, but I didn’t suspect tending the grave. You got me there! 🙂


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