The solution to the solution problem

Going to the hairdressers later today to have “my colour done.”  It reminded me of this silly piece.


The solution to the solution problem

Now, when I take me ‘at off please promise not to laugh

I know just wot it looks like an’ you really musn’t scoff

I tried to do it aubergine a richer looking hue

I thought it might just help me to look a bit like you.

You always look so scrumptious, so well turned out and fine

Your hair all sleek and shining, not frizzing up like mine

But when I put the cream on our Darren rang the bell

And then me mum an’ dad came and Stephanie as well.

So then I made them coffee and buns with cherries on

And we  just sat there laughing but when they ‘ad all gone

I ran into the bathroom, took the towel off me ‘air

And this is what was under, Oh promise not to stare.

The colour should be plummy, all gleaming on me ‘ead

But what’s come out is purple with frizzed up bits all red

So then I got to thinkin’ and this is why I’ve called

Can you lend me your old razor and I’ll walk round with it bald.


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