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The Man Who …





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4 responses to “Book Trailer

  1. All fits together perfectly. The music, the joky images. Gives a good idea of the content. Nice work 🙂


  2. Fran Macilvey

    Diane, that is such a sweet trailer for your book! Thanks for sending the link, and good luck with it. XXX :-))


  3. jedoliver

    I love it, Diane! You must have had a ball creating it. My only negative: I had a slight problem keeping up with the text (slow reader), so I watched it twice. Wonderful! May I ask what software you used to create it? I just got up, so you have started my day with a smile. (loved the book, too) My Dear you are a constant marvel!


  4. Hi Jed and good morning. I used powerpoint. I did have my hubby – who is a slower reader than I am to try out the speed but it is one of the hardest parts to judge I think. Of course the longer it is the bigger the file and the longer upload and download times. Hey, you watched it twice – I call that a result – thanks as ever for your wonderful encouragement and support.


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