Nuthatchery News




Today when we knew that mummy and daddy were safely away from the nesting site we sneaked over and had a look and it is now official, the eggs are hatched and the nest is full of peeping, squeeking little chicks.  We didn’t stay long because we don’t want to cause any distress but there are babies, lots and lots of babies.  We are thrilled.

It reminded me of a poem I wrote a few years ago, it was actually entitled June and referred to the solstice but it seems relevant today



Dawnlight early beaming

Birdlets cheeping, peeping

Berries, cherries greening

Roses flaming gold.


Solstice half year ending

Swallows looping, bending

Promised beauty now unfold

Websilk spinning, humming, singing

Earthheart overflowing with the living of it all.



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One response to “Nuthatchery News

  1. Fran Macilvey

    Delicious. xxx :-))


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