Back – Chapter 2 – The Book




Wednesday 16th July – The Book

So, I’d been to see my Gran and Granddad earlier today.  I’ve seen Jack, he was okay and we played with the Xbox – he beat me – again.

I’m taking precautions just in case this all goes wrong and I end up dead or whatever.

I came home logged onto the site and followed the links.

I suppose give you some details about that:-

The Site – http//  (that’s right cr – it’s not a typo)

My password: 4Jacknme

That’ll get you in if it’s still there by the time you’re reading this.  I can’t tell you much more because it changes a lot and I mean A LOT, nearly every time I went on it was different so you’ll just have to get some geek to help.

Anyway, today  I logged on, followed the links and got through to The Man.  I told him I had the bottle and that I was ready.

I wanted the next lot of instructions. I imagined it was about dosages and how to take the stuff and so on. I don’t really know how it works but there must be some stuff you have to do to make sure you get to the right place, or is it time? – I suppose it’s both.  So as I say I logged on and he told me I have to go and get the book.

‘Shit man – you never said anything about a book

but he didn’t respond to me, just put up a plan of the library.  That’s where this book apparently is, in the library and he’s given me details.  I have to go and borrow it and then get back to him.  It means that I’ve got to wait another day.  I hope this isn’t going turn out to be a scam.  I haven’t paid any money or anything but I’m not stupid if he starts talking about wanting to meet me and stuff I’m pulling the plug straight off.

I met him through a forum, he came on and started answering some questions about time travel, then he asked to PM with me and I did and it carried on from there.  I told him what I wanted to do and why and he said he could help me.  I told him I didn’t have any money and he said it wasn’t anything to do with money.  I’m still sceptical, of course I am, But I’m thinking I’ve nothing to lose so I’m sticking with it, for now anyway.

Thing is you see, I have got the bottle and it was just where he said it would be.  I didn’t write that bit down did I?  It was odd because it was actually here in the house, well in the garden, in the corner of the greenhouse.  It was right at the back of the shelf of insect killer and stuff.  Yes, I know, in with the poisons – that’s one of the reasons I’m so scared every time I look at it.  I know it wasn’t there last week because I helped my dad to tidy up in there so he must have left it there yesterday or maybe the day before.  That’s a bit odd as well.  How did he get in and leave it, dad’s a nut about security and locking up and so on.  Well, for now I’ll just go with it I guess.

Oh yes, the book it’s just called Back apparently.

I’ll go tomorrow and get the book and then I’m contacting him again tomorrow night, I’m in charge and I can back out any time can’t I?

I do know though that if you’re reading this then it’s because something has happened.  If he’s poisoned me now you know how and why.  I’m not going to go and see him no matter what so if I’ve disappeared it’s not because I’ve gone off with him or he’s taken me or anything.  I don’t know what can go wrong but I suppose it’s possible that I go and can’t get back – I watched Life On Mars.

I was tempted to take the top off the bottle and have a go you know, on my own but then I realised that would be really stupid.

I’m quite excited about seeing the book though, if it’s there of course.  Maybe the instructions are in the book.  That would make a lot of sense so perhaps this is the last step and I can get on with it.

In case you’re wondering how much I’ve thought all this through I’ll tell you what the idea is.  I’m going to go back to when Chloe and Steve met, that’s in the nineteen eighties.  I am going to either a) stop em getting together if I can or b) if they do get together somehow stop em having a baby.  I’m hoping for a. because I have no idea how I would do b.



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2 responses to “Back – Chapter 2 – The Book

  1. Fran Macilvey

    Hi Diane, this is good too. I wonder if you might try and précis it a bit? It is good as ‘conversational’ writing, and the tone works, but occasionally, the conversational-ism obscures the meaning. Just here and there. Just a thought! xx 🙂


  2. Thanks Fran – I will have a look at the tone and see if I can make it clearer – thanks so much for the helpful feedback.


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