Back – Chapter 3 – The Man


Thursday 17th July

Today I had to go and get The Book, it was in the library.  I found it, no problem.  It’s got a hard cover, just dark blue and then the title “Back”.  There’s no author name or blurb which is a bit weird.  It was in the Historical Fiction section.  I used the automatic machine to check it out like I was told.

I just stuck it in my bag and brought it home and then waited till I got in here, my room, to look at it.  It’s bloody weird.  It’s medium thickness, about what you’d expect and it’s not battered or anything but there’s nothing in it.  The pages are blank.  Not one word, no pictures, nothing.

I’m going to log on in a minute and see if I can message The Man.  I think there’s something wrong with the book but– well what use is It?  there’s nothing in it.


Right well I messaged him, I told him I got the book and I told him what it looked like.  He asked me to send him a picture of the cover.  I’ve done that.  I haven’t said anything yet about what’s in it –well what’s not in it.  I’m waiting.


He says it’s the right book.  I told him that it was just blank pages.  He said that it was just the way that it should be and that it would all be okay.

I asked him when I could use the stuff.  He said that first of all I had to understand and think about what I was going to do.

‘I’ve already thought about it- you know I have.  If you’re messing me about I’m gonna report you to the authorities.”

I do know that he hasn’t done anything I can report him for but I just don’t want him taking me for a mug.  I do know that he could be some old lonely bloke just wanting to have kids to talk to.

He just said that he’d be in touch.  So here I am, I’ve got the bottle and The Book and I haven’t a clue what I’m supposed to do with them.  I could just take a slug of it couldn’t I.  I bet nothing’s going to happen.  It’s all a bloody scam and I’ve been a dork.

So, I’ve got the top off.  It smells a bit like flowers or grass or something.  I poured some out into a little glass.  It’s clear but there’s a sort of a blue colour to it and it’s not as thin as water.  It’s a bit gloopy.  I haven’t taken any because I don’t know how you make it work.  I don’t want to end up in the stone ages or Elizabethan times or something like that.  I hate history anyway.  I just want to go back a bit, just to the time when Chloe and Steve left Uni and they met up.

I’ve been asking questions, trying to find out about how they got together and all that but I have no idea how I do the timing.

So it’s half ten and mum’s already shouted at me twice because she knows the computer’s still on.  He hasn’t come back to me.  I think I’ve pissed him off and so that’s that.  I suppose it was all some sort of weird joke.  I don’t know what he got out of it though.  Unless he just gets his rocks off thinking about kids running round libraries.

I suppose this is the last note I’ll make in here.  I’ll delete it all tomorrow.  I feel like a total idiot.

Time travel – as if.

Friday 18th July

I logged on this morning and there was a message.  It just says that he will contact me tonight.

I don’t know whether to just ignore it or what.  I don’t want to look like a jerk but then up to now the stuff in the bottle was there and the book was there so ???

I’ll wait until tonight – see what he says and then decide whether to pack the whole thing in or not.

I’m going to see Jack later, Chloe says he had a bad couple of days, he missed school and he’s bored.  Poor bugger



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2 responses to “Back – Chapter 3 – The Man

  1. Fran Macilvey

    “It was in the historical fiction section”! LOL. Very clever. Did you dream this? A long time ago I had a dream about going to the Hall of Akashic Records and I took down a book, hardback, blue cover with blank pages. I was told, “This is the book of sufferings, and it will get heavier the more you look at it.” xxx 🙂


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