Back – Chapter 4 – The Liquid


Saturday 19th July.

Shit – no I mean really – Shit.

I could have, like, totally screwed up.  The Man PMd me last night with what he called further instructions.  I thought this would have been more exciting but it wasn’t.

He says that now I have to find out all about where Chloe and Steve met, exactly where and when.  I told him it was when they were just leaving Uni and I know it was in Nottingham but he says no, I have to go and find out the exact dates and the place.

‘Can’t I just go back to the about the right place and ask around?’

‘You must do this exactly the way that you are instructed otherwise our agreement is terminated.’

‘Can’t I just have a little go and see if it works.  I have the stuff – can’t I just have a little spoonful?’

‘On no account drink the liquid in the bottle.  Do not even taste it.  You must take great care that it is well hidden and do not spill it on your skin.’

Well, see.  Shit I was going to drink the stuff and then he comes up with Do not even spill it on your skin.  It must be like acid or something and there was I pouring it into a glass.  That really freaked me out.  I think he’s pissed with me as well because he logged off after that and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get back to him. I tried the site but I couldn’t progress past the home page.

So, there we are.  I suppose now I’ve got to go and see Chloe and Steve and find a way to get all that info.  I could ask if I can look at some of their old photographs I suppose.  I’m going later anyway because Jack’s got to stay in bed and I’m going over to play Minecraft and then we’ll watch some videos.  I like Chloe so I should be able to find out what I need.

When you think about it I suppose it makes some sense.  You obviously have to know where and when you are going before you set off.  Thing is though if you don’t drink the stuff in the bottle, and obviously you don’t, what is it?

This gets weirder as it goes on.

One thing that is really hard is that I can’t talk to Jack about it.  See I tell him everything I’m doing.  You’d think, when he has to spend so much time in bed and so on he wouldn’t want to hear about me playing rugby and going to the gym and stuff but he does and I don’t think he’s putting it on.  No, I think he really is interested and he gets dead excited when it goes well for me.  So, I tell him everything but I can’t tell him this can I.  I mean how can I tell him that I’m trying to – well no – I’m not trying to kill him.  Actually yes, please, whoever you are reading this now you have to understand that.  I have never, ever, ever thought about killing him.  Shit, I couldn’t he’s my best mate really, even though he’s a bit younger than me.  I don’t want to kill him.  I just don’t want him to be born.  Well not the way that he is.  That’s not the same is it?  It’s not the same at all.

So, I’ve put the bottle and the book in the back of the cupboard in an old shoe box and it’ll be okay there and now I’ll go and see if I can find out the information.

I don’t know when The Man will get back in touch.

It’s not the same as killing someone is it, just not wanting them to be born?


I had a chat with Chloe and we looked at some of her old pictures.  She was really chuffed showing them to me.  She was really pretty when she was younger.  Steve was a bit skinny and he had a perm – honestly – he looked a bit of a dick really, but yeah Chloe was sweet looking.

We had a nice time actually, she brought the books and boxes of pictures up to Jack’s room and we went through them all and we had a laugh. I think I might ask my mum if I can see some of her pictures.  I’ll bet my dad didn’t have a perm !

I still haven’t found out exactly when they met though but at least I’ve made a start.



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4 responses to “Back – Chapter 4 – The Liquid

  1. I haven’t got a clue what this is on about, but the writing is intriguing.


  2. richard lambert

    You have bitten off a real big mouthful this time Diane. This is going to be a great challenge but stick with it because I am sure you have the imagination to make it work and the ability to write it down.


  3. It’s a maze, a conundrum and a wasps nest. yes, it’s fun and challenging but I don’t know how it will come out or indeed whether or not it will!! yikes


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