Back – Chapter 7 – The Anniversary

Tuesday 22nd July

I know the place, I know the date.  I need to decide, once and for all. I need to make a decision about this.

Okay – I know how silly it all looks, I do.  But then again, if you are reading this something has happened hasn’t it. If nothing happens I’ll just delete this and it’ll stay as it is now, my secret.

Why am I even bothering with it all – good question but –if you’ve seen the web site you know how realistic it is.  All that stuff about living history and meet your ancestors.  It’s dead convincing isn’t it.

I should say this up front as well, he did say that normally he tells people that they mustn’t interfere in any way.  He has said that in my case he’s only helping me because of Jack and that I have to be very sure of what I’m doing.

From the stuff he says I think he’s a bit weird, well you’d expect that wouldn’t you.  I have no idea what he looks like, there are no pictures of him on the website, just historical stuff.

I have contacted him today and – I’ve just done a screen grab:-

‘Hi – I think I have all the info now.’

‘Hello.  If you have reservations and questions now is the time to air them.’

‘Yeah.  Well okay.  First of all how does it work?  I thought I would drink the stuff in the bottle.’

‘Why did you think that?’

‘I thought it would make me go to sleep.’

‘This is not a dream we are discussing.  Why did you think you would need to be sleeping?’

‘Good point.  Anyway I know now that I don’t drink the stuff.  So what do I do?’

‘When you are ready and only when you are completely ready you must first of all let me know.  It I judge things to be in order you will take out the book.  You will write the date and place of your destination in the book.  For this you will need a fine brush.  Do not use a pen and do not use a brush with metal next to the bristles.  You must write on the first page and only on the first page.  Do not spill or drip the liquid and do not touch it while it is wet. 

Next you must write on the back page the date and time and place that you wish to return to.  Again use a fine brush.  Ensure that you write only on the very first and very last pages of the book.

I cannot stress enough that you must follow these instructions to the letter.  Failure to do so will place you in mortal danger.  Is that clear?’

‘Yes.  What happens to all the other pages?’

‘You must leave all the other pages blank.’

‘Okay.  Are they for other people then?’

‘This is your book and yours alone.’

‘Okay, so what happens to the other pages?’

‘Think boy.  Think.’

‘I don’t know.’

‘The other pages will fill with the new reality that you create.’



‘There is one other thing, if it’s okay.’


‘Well my mum reminded me that it’s Chloe and Steve’s wedding anniversary and I thought maybe, well I thought maybe it would be nice to let them have that.  Is it okay if I leave it until after Thursday?”

‘The timing decision is yours and yours alone, as is the journey and the results of your actions.’


So that’s it.  I’m gonna wait until Thursday, well actually probably Friday and then get in touch again.

Another thing that I did think about and I suppose I’ll mention it now.  I was trying to decide whether it was better to stop Steve and Chloe getting together or whether it would be possible just to stop them having Jack – right.

Well, of course that’s not really an option is it.  I mean if the problem with Jack is genetic then even if they didn’t have him but had another kid they would still risk him or her being sick.

I never thought about it before but I suppose that’s why they only have Jack.  Everybody else in my family has more than one kid, well of course there’s three of us, Me and Millie and stupid Jonathan my stupid brother.  So, that kinda makes the decision easier in a way because it means that I just have to stop them getting together.

So I think it will be Friday or Saturday.



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2 responses to “Back – Chapter 7 – The Anniversary

  1. Fran Macilvey

    I read every day, and each time, it seems to feel more defined. Clearer. Diane, I think you are a wonderful storyteller. xx 🙂


    • I am glad because I wanted to give the impression that this boy is struggling to get it clear in his own head. Thank you as ever for your feedback it is invaluable.


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