This is the second in the Pootle stories.  If you didn’t read the first one it doesn’t matter but here’s a link


This is:-

Pootle and the Pot Plants. 

Good morning puss.  Have a little tickle that’s the way.  Come on and sit here on my knee Pootle lets have a cuddle and a gossip while I drink my tea. 

Did you hear all that noise last night Pootle?  I was so glad that you weren’t out there it was very disturbing.  I had to get out of bed and look through the window.  Did you look out; the curtains are all pulled up in the corner again, you were watching weren’t you?  Did you see all the police cars, wasn’t it exciting. 

Those nice Chinese people from next door all went off in the police van you know.  I think that they are Chinese, I never had the chance to talk to them really but they were so lovely and quiet and never caused any trouble.  They must have made that house look really pretty musn’t they?  Some people don’t bother when they are renting but looking at the number of plants the police took away they must have had it like a little jungle in there.  Maybe it made them feel at home, are there jungles in China?  Oh you don’t know do you little lovey how could you, listen to me I am a silly.  I think I’ll look it up in the library tomorrow.  Isn’t it nice of the police to bother to look after the plants as well I didn’t realise they did that.  Ah well I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.  Come on now down you get I have to do my chores.

The sound of a dry shaking rattles through the garden.  Pootle, pootle, oh you naughty puss where are you?  Come on out, come on and have one of your little biscuits.  There you are what are you doing in this garden.  Just because the Chinese people aren’t here doesn’t mean you can come exploring you little monkey.  I see you there by the greenhouse.  Well I can see why, isn’t it lovely and warm here in the sun and quite secret hidden here behind the hedge.  Look Pootle, have you seen through the window, all those plants left in the greenhouse.  The police must have missed these ones.  They look very thirsty don’t they?  I think I’ll just use this big watering can and give them a drink shall I, they look so sad and droopy.  Now don’t you get under my feet puss. 

Look out Pootle, let me in, move over. Don’t be nervous puss, you see what this is.  I just thought that it was such a shame to leave those plants to die in the greenhouse next door.  Aren’t they pretty so leafy and ferny.  I’m not that keen on the smell but they do look nice.  I had a little look when I was in the library Pootle and found out what they are from the plant books.  I don’t know how you say it but it’s something like Margeruna.  I’m going to pop them in the back bedroom so I can look after them without the smell bothering us.  Oh see now, that has made you sneeze.  I don’t think you want to chew these leaves little puss just move out of the way while I try and get these other seventeen in. 

I think that you should stay out of the back room Pootle, those plants are just too tempting for you aren’t they but I don’t want you digging in the soil.  I have been looking in some more books and it’s terribly interesting but these plants can be boys and girls and the books I looked at said it was a good idea to keep them separate, he he he he that’s so funny as if they were going to get up to naughtiness.  Well it’s all to do with the birds and bees I expect..  Anyway I have done that and the little girls are all blooming now with the little fluffy flowers. 

To be honest I didn’t know what to with all these plants now Pootle there are so many flowers. Anyway I had a word with Sean.  You remember Sean, Mildred’s grandson.  Well he’s at art college and I thought that maybe him being so clever he’d know about plants and he came and had a look.  He said that I have to take the flowers off and then dry them just like herbs.  I didn’t want to seem rude and he was so excited about it all so I think that’s what I shall do… 

Don’t you touch that tea tray now Pootle, Sean is coming by tonight and I wanted to give him a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.  Mind you he might prefer a glass of squash we’ll have to see. 

Oh isn’t he such a nice boy Pootle.  Look he’s given me all this money and just for the dried flowers.  I suppose being in art college they can use the flowers for making pictures and things.  What was it he called it pot; I expect he meant that they were potted plants.  The young people have a funny way of talking don’t they. Anyway I went by the pet shop and bought you a lovely treat Pootle.  Here you are catnip, what about that.  You have that and I’ll have one of these herby brownies they are such a lovely treat and the chocolate is so relaxing.  I’m going to take some more round to Mrs Wilkins later, she said that they really helped to ease her poor knees.  I think it’s just the sit down that she has but there we are. She will insist on paying me for them though.  Oh well,I’ll just put the money here in the sideboard.  My goodness we do seem to be getting quite a lot of cash here Pootle.  Maybe you can have a new cat basket, what do you think. 

You sit there in the window and enjoy your catnip cuddles I’m just going up to plant some of my seeds.  Well, those lovely plants did brighten up that little back room didn’t they? 




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2 responses to “Pootle

  1. Fran Macilvey

    This feels almost in the tradition of an Ealing comedy. Very sweet. 😀


  2. I love batty old ladies and cats, the mix is so lovely. I hope there will be more Pootle


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