Empty Nest



So, they’ve gone.  I miss them.  It was so lovely each morning watching, first the male feeding the female and then both of them bringing back wriggly things for the babies all day.

They were so busy, at times one or other of the adults would stop for just a minute and perch in the sunshine and take a breather and you could just hear the sighs. “Oh bloody hell, I’m not doing this next year.  Next year I’m gonna be a cuckoo.”

We learned a lot watching them.  They make the entrance hole the right size by filling it with mud and they make the nest from tree bark and saliva.  Continually they were clearing out debris from the nest and repairing and refurbishing.  The tree stump has a hole in the top and for a while they didn’t bother about it and then for no apparent reason they filled it in – blow me down the next day it rained. – Awesome, they knew.

I'm gonna have to fix this roof

I’m gonna have to fix this roof

It has been fun and I really am going to miss watching them.  We will keep the stump of course and see if we can fix it without changing it, they never knew it was in two pieces and I was constantly worried that we would have one of our humdinger storms which would tear it apart.  In the end though all was well.  Before next spring we’ll fix the top and bottom halves firmly though.

One day a Great tit landed on the top of the stump and he must have heard the chicks inside and he tried to look in from the top, the adult Nuthatch came in like a Scud Missile, thwak – it knocked the Great Tit flying and then went after him and beat him up.  Hmm, perhaps that explains why there haven’t been many tits on the feeder and perhaps why today there are more and even some taking a dip in the bird bath.  It’s all fascinating.

When we are absolutely certain it is finished with we will take the top off and have a look at the nest.  Who would have thought, when we cut down the old dead tree that it would turn out to be such a treasure.




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3 responses to “Empty Nest

  1. Fran Macilvey

    Yes, absolutely. But then, only humans, I think have this notion of something “useless”. Everything has its uses. So, in that sense, there is nothing much to be concerned about, is there…? Lovely post! Thank you! 🙂


    • We kept the stump because it was so interesting to look at but we have tried nesting boxes before with no success so we were thrilled that they chose this for their little home and it was in the most perfect place for us to see it from the dining room. It has been lovely and now I’m going to look at each little Nuthatch and wonder if he or she is one of the tree stump family 🙂


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