I just love these crazy looking birds and this year we have three – a little family I think visiting the garden regularly.  What a treat.


You have to wonder why though don't you!

You have to wonder why though don’t you!




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5 responses to “Hoopoe

  1. A beauty. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Very unusual, what kind of bird it this?


    • It’s a Hoopoe and that is exactly what they say. A very loud cry of ooo pooo. They visit most years and hang around for a while. I think they come from Africa.


      • Sorry, I realized the name from the title after I posted my comment. I have never seen any bird that looks like that, very unusual indeed. Thank you for the pictures and the information. 🙂


      • they are amazing aren’t they. The comb on their heads can stand up and then they look even more outrageous


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