The River

I haven’t written any poetry for ages and then the other day this popped up.

The River

We sat beside the river

For the day was still and hot,

A day of bees and butterflies

and you said you loved me not.

A day when every heartbeat

Called forth an endless pain

For you told me you were leaving

And would never come again.


I sat beside the river

In the bitter winter cold

A day of snow and storm cloud

And I watched the year grow old.

I had waited through the autumn

Through the gales and in the rain

But now I see that truly

You will never come again.


I sit beside the river

In the springtime of the year

And I feel our baby moving

for the time is drawing near

when the love we had together

will become a precious pain

and in our son or daughter

I will see your face again.


Cygnets in Warwick


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One response to “The River

  1. Fran Macilvey

    Thanks, Diane, that is really lovely. XXX 🙂


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