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So, I use two websites I use Shortbreadstories.  It is a wonderfully friendly place the members are always supportive, kind and generous.  I love it there.

I also use another site.  On that site the members can be brutal, they can be rude and offensive and they can be pretty obnoxious to be honest.  But, many of them are not, they are kind and supportive just as my friends on Shortbread are.

So, in the last week I have had – oh what shall I call it – an issue – yes, I have had an issue with a member on the other site.  She has for whatever reason declared war on me, she doesn’t like me and therefore of course she doesn’t like my work.  We writers are like that!!! (sometimes)

Anyway I had recently re-uploaded an old piece from here, Ghost Written and I was hoping for some feedback. Well, what actually happened was that this other lady decided to mark the piece down so that effectively it would be viewed as worthless and no-one would read it. She is of course entitled to her opinion.  It is possible that she did indeed, as she claims, read the book and hated it.  The actual on site rating that she gave me is quantified as “Awful – only good for pulping”  – Harsh I know but, well anyway.

Of course we had a bit of a to and fro and handbags and so on and then I thought oh this is just silly and left it but, it did me a sort of favour in that it made me go back and look at the work with a more critical eye – maybe I should indeed thank her.

I spent a couple of hours today re-reading it and well to be honest I just don’t know.  I like it, I know that it needs an edit and a bit of tidying up here and there, it was never offered as “finished” but I just wondered.  If any of you could be bothered.  What do you reckon.  Is this worth any effort.  I had thought that I might self publish it as a novella but if it is indeed “only fit for pulping” well perhaps that’s exactly what I should do.

Be Honest!

Ooops – hold on there is a glitch with the pdf.  – Give me a moment – thanks – Ashen – Course of Mirrors

ghost written cover

Okay I think that should be okay.

  Ghost Written



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5 responses to “Feedback – Ghost Written

  1. Oh dear, there’s all sorts out there in the multitude. Taking the objection of one person to heart is allowing yourself to be crushed by a snowball.
    I remember reading this story in instalments and finding it riveting. Yes, your work could at times do with another edit, as could most of our spontaneous outputs.
    Skimming through the file I noticed chapter 3 seems repeated in 4 and 5, maybe a technical glitch. I like the concept of the story. It’s definitely worth a little more effort.


  2. Fran Macilvey

    Dear Diane

    I too have been crushed, but from the shards of disappointment we discover many things, amongst the most important of which is: why does one other person’s opinion (or why do dozens of other opinions) matter more to me than my own? The answer is, of course, that it and they, don’t.

    I am so grateful to you here for giving the link to shortbreadstories. I have been meaning to look into that, and the link to your site keeps popping up, so, obviously, it is meant.

    I will be very happy to read ‘Ghost Written’ and comment on it. Might take a while, as a bit flattened at the mo, but will definitely do that for you. xxx 🙂


  3. Hi Diane – I will read this week – time allowing – and share my thoughts. Good to see you are as always philosophical about negative critiques and ready to turn them to your advantage. It’s me BTW one of the ‘nice’ shortbready people Ha!


  4. James McEwan

    Hi Diane,
    I have read through ”Ghost Written” and made some notes. I am not sure if this is the right place to go into detail. My immediate reaction is: This idea has great potential and needs some tight changes. Mostly -structure – strands – and – relevance. So do not pulp it until the new version is complete. I think you need to start again and write the key story on one page in as few words as possible and therefore to focus the narrative. The present version seems to wander in places and distracts from the key thread, the real meat so to speak. I would love to work this story as it has a brilliant idea. Best regards, James McEwan.


    • Thanks James. I have been working on it a bit and have actually inserted bits of the “The Story” which I think helps with the structure. You see there is no “Story” there was never supposed to be as the thing is really about the haunting. I wanted to address the horror of war and the truth about homosexual relationships in those times as much as I understand that. I am feeling more re- assured though from the feedback and so I’ll keep on fiddling with it for a while. Thanks so much for your time and your feedback.


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