Aw look

I think he’s called Columbus and he’s really sorry he headbutted the window.  In case you’re wondering he flew away shortly after these were taken and he was fine.  I always think the day has got to be good when you get to cuddle wildlife.

Oh yes as an aside, I didn’t know Hares could climb.  The baby one who is living in the garden at the moment spent yesterday evening sitting atop a wall around the patio.  Hmmm

robin with logo


cropped Robin with logo1



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6 responses to “Aw look

  1. Thanks for sharing the moment.
    To have a wild feathery being sit in your hand is truly special. ☼


    • Yes it is. I don’t know what is going on with Robins this year, he was the third to collide with the windows. I find that if you hold them gently mainly to keep them warm, they mostly recover but there was one a few days ago who was deader than a door knob poor little sausage. He had to go underneath the Oak tree. I wish they wouldn’t do it of course but it’s a lovely feeling as they leave your hand and fly off.


  2. 🙂 That should have been ‘revived.’


  3. Fran Macilvey

    They don’t see the glass. At the Fair Isle bird observatory, they put lots of birds of prey shapes on the windows, to keep the other birds from colliding with the glass. You might not want to do that either, of course.

    Hares are exceptionally clever, and can do all sorts of things. I wish I could see one on the hills. XXXX Lovely photos, thank you! 😀


  4. Yes, the trouble with the birds of prey thing is that the bird cherry tree that they all love to bits is very near to the dining room and I fear that I will cause little heart attacks. We did once see a Sparrow Hawk take a Blue Tit right there on the wing. It was amazing and of course a bit sad. I love the hares, we think there are a couple living in the shrubbery, which is very overgrown and they come out in the evening but to see this one climbing onto the wall was odd. We are trying to get a photograph but don’t want to scare him away as he obviously feels safe there.


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