The Anniversary

Afterwards chapter 10

This sky isn’t blue, blue is just a colour this is more than a colour. This is an emotion. Through the window, in the distance far, far over the swell of ocean just on the edge of seeing are the mountains. Midnight against the blue that is more than blue.

Sipping cool sparkling wine is like drinking stardust. Silk slides against my skin as it warms in anticipation releasing the perfume of exotic flowers. Lilies and Jasmine.
The door opens with a click and I turn from the window, he is there. His hair wet from the shower his eyes dark jewels in the dim room. The shape of him, the deeps and shadows of muscle and form fill my eyes. I cross to him in a few steps.

He leans to me, his lips brush down, across my hair, tiny nips over the skin of my cheek and then fully on my mouth. His lips warm and sensuous tasting, teasing, tempting.

His hands move from where they have rested on my arms slowly they slide, towards my breasts. His fingers brush nipples already taught, tingling with desire. Warm need lights deep in my gut as he moans out my name, Pamela. Melting muscles and moulding flesh, skin on skin, warm and pulsing with life and wanting. Again he whispers my name, Pamela, happy anniversary darling.

It’s hard to breathe, hard to cling to the last vestiges of reality. Pamela.

“Yes, yes.”

“Pamela you silly cow, stop daydreaming. I’m talking to you – do you want to go the Harvester again for our anniversary or shall we go to Café Rouge?

“What, what’s the matter now. Oh for Pete’s sake Pamela, what did I do now?”


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  1. Better luck next year, Diane 🙂


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