I liked this

I know I am risking over exposure of this piece because I have already put it on Facebook, but you know sometimes you struggle to write anything at all and then other times the stuff falls out of your fingers in a flurry.  Well this is one of those.  I started with a pencil and notebook and so it’s like a real poem with crossings out and corrections.  Anyway, I don’t like most of my stuff and then every now and again I read something I wrote and I smile.  This made me smile

The Queen of Heaven’s Child

Tis said the Queen of heaven’s child
Was taken by a tempest wild.
In grief her eyes cried endless tears
Which fell on earth for countless years.
And so the ocean deep and wide
Swept the globe from side to side.
And under water fathoms deep
The land of all the world did sleep,
‘cept on a mountain ten miles high
A house whose chimneys touched the sky.
And there below the moulding eaves,
Resting on a bed of leaves,
The missing babe did slumber on,
Till all the life on earth was gone.
All save the wandering Albatross,
Who flew where heaving waters toss.
And when they found the missing child,
And saved him from the waters riled,
They flew on wings of grey and white,
Up into the heavenly height,
And gave the weeping queen her son,
And told her what her tears had done.
And so she bade the Albatross
To fly the oceans right across,
And beat their wings to dry the seas
From tropic sand to polar freeze.
And they must take no time to rest,
Nor make a home, nor build a nest.
So on and on and on they fly
And not until the seas are dry
And all the land is found once more
Can they rest upon the shore.
But what, you ask is their reward
For taking babies heavenward
Well, they have no need for gold
And freedom can’t be bought or sold
And so the wind, the day and night
The moon upon their wings in flight
A curious beak and flappy feet
and all the fish that they can eat.



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7 responses to “I liked this

  1. And what did the queen of heaven get for causing all that wanton destruction? Thank goodness we can count on the birds.


  2. Epic and singing 🙂 Great lines.
    The only word falling out of the frame is ‘stupid.’ There must be a better one. Albatrosses’ wingspan is amazing. In their mythical association they’re said to be bound to the souls of lost sailors.


  3. Fran Macilvey

    Diane, this is really lovely. Just lovely. ‘the water’s riled’ = ‘the waters riled’ (the riled waters)

    Do you receive this kind of beautiful, mystical poetry from your dreams, or from heaven? This also reminds me of your other poem about the swans flying away in autumn.

    Lots of love! xxxx 😀


  4. Have a Lovely Blog Award, Diane 🙂 Claim your prize here http://janedougherty.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/blog-award-2/
    You can see the other nominees anyway, even if you can’t face the hassle of passing it on.


  5. I’m not much of a poet, myself, but occasionally the spirit moves me to write one. I can appreciate it, however, and found this quite enjoyable – a lovely story in rhyme. 🙂


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