Literally Stories – Countdown

It’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun and now it’s getting exciting. Adam Hugh, Nik, Tobias and I are really looking forward to getting this thing going. Have a look at the submissions page – have you got a short story that you would like us to publish?

literally stories

Monday, 17th November, 2014, Literally Stories will publish its first short story. Tuesday, 18th, our second story will appear here.

A new story each weekday and then the Editor’s favourite from the week, featured on Saturday.

On Sunday we aim to put our feet up. Read the paper. Take the dog on a long walk. Play Scrabble. Swim the Channel.

Okay – you’ve seen our bios and none of us – you’re thinking – look anything like long-distance swimmers?

True. We just like making things up. Telling stories.

We hope you will enjoy reading those stories, that they will enthral and entertain you. Scare you. Shock you. Make you think – brilliant protagonist – wonderful plot – original idea – slick narrative – didn’t see that coming – awesome (or whatever superlative you usually use) or just make you think. In fact, you might enjoy reading our stories so much…

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