The Bargain by Diane M Dickson

My first story for Literally Stories.

literally stories


I want to show you a picture of me, before.  When I was young, well truth to tell maybe not so young but oh I was a looker, a real looker.  I bet you won’t believe it was me and you’ll think how did she end up like this, now?

Ha, I guess you can say it was greed did it, or just plain wickedness.  Yes, to be fair it was greed.  I just wanted more, more of everything really but mostly time, but even that wasn’t enough.  I wanted time that was unspoiled, without the slow rot.  So there we have it, everything has a price, and a time comes to pay and so it did.  I’ll tell you now, just what it was like.

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4 responses to “The Bargain by Diane M Dickson

  1. Dear, you know I support your writing, and the writing of all writer friends, some going back to authonomy. I also applaud this new venture, but because I write every spare minute while still working professionally to keep my roof over my head, won’t be able respond to these posts.
    Please forgive me. I can’t find the time to read a story every day.
    For the same reason I don’t follow blogs that post every day, even though they are inspiring.


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