“Hello Mum, it’s Martin.”

“Hello love.  You alright.”

“Yeah, you?”

“Oh aye not too bad.  Knees have been givin’ me a bit of jip but the doctor gave me some pretty good pills.”

“Oh right.  Well good.  Listen, reason I’m ringing. Well, Christmas.”

“Oh yes love.  Yes, Christmas.”

“Yeah.  Thing is I wonder if you’d mind if I come and get you on Boxing Day.  That’d be the Friday, bring you for dinner on the Friday?”

“Oh not Thursday then, not on Christmas Day?”

“No, thing is Melanie was thinking that maybe it’d be a bit noisy for you.  With all the kids here and her mum and dad and Stella and Paul she thought you’d find it tiring. After all you will see the kids at New Year when you baby sit.  Tell you what we could have a glass of bubbly then before Me and Mel go out, that’d be nice wouldn’t it.”


“Mum, are you there?”

“Yes love I’m here.”

“If you really want to come on the Christmas Day, I’m sure it’s fine you know.  It’s just that well Melanie thought eleven is a funny number to seat at the table, odd you know.”

“Hmm, now that dad’s gone you mean?”

“Oh, well I suppose.”

“Look tell you what love.”


“Tell Melanie I’m really grateful, she’s so thoughtful isn’t she.  Thing is though I don’t think you need to worry about it.”


“I don’t expect I’ll be here by then.”

“Oh now come on Mum don’t talk like that.”

“No, I didn’t want to upset you but I really don’t think I’ll be around.”

“Mum, what’s up. Look, tell you what I’ll come round and we can talk about it.  Not tonight, well I can’t make it until next week but well can you tell me now?”

“Alright then, you see I just don’t think I’ll be back from my trip to Spain with Colin.  I must introduce you to Colin one of these days, maybe when you’re not so busy.  Bye love, best to Melanie.”



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3 responses to “Arrangements

  1. Fran Macilvey

    LOL! So there! xxx 🙂


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