My New Baby

So, here it is.  Some of you many remember this as Pauline is Missing  but I am thrilled to share the news that the pampered  and polished version  Leaving George has now been published by The Book Folks

If you do remember reading it as it grew and developed on here or on Authonomy and can spare a moment to do a little review on Amazon I would be mightily grateful – if not – well Just enjoy the cover !!!!


Leaving George




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10 responses to “My New Baby

  1. richard lambert

    I enjoyed this first time round so I am looking forward to the new issue. Excellent read Diane.


    • Thanks for shelling out the hard earned!! It’s been polished a bit and I think the cover is lovely. Maybe when you finished if you have time you could stick a few words of review on Amazon! 🙂


  2. James McEwan

    Hi Diane, I am always impressed by the volume of writing you manage to entertain us with. Congratulations on producing your new thriller, I have just bought ‘Leaving George’ and will let you know how I got on. Will it keep me awake at night? James.


  3. Fran Macilvey

    YAY! Well done, Diane! xxxx 🙂


  4. Well done you! Hope it’s a big success 🙂


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