Leaving George has been having a lovely time giving itself away for free on Amazon.  So if you fancy a freebie, set in Cornwall with some peril and a couple of cuddly moments !!!! Don’t miss the chance. (It is available on all the Amazon platforms so this link is to .com but just stick in your own extension – phnar phnar -ooh missus)

Leaving George B Thriller



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2 responses to “Freebie

  1. James Mcewan

    Hi Diane, I am not surprised that ‘Leaving George’ is popular, (I bought it) it is a very entertaining story and deserves to be read by as many people as possible. With this publicity I am going to throw an idea at you; Why not get the book people to create a box set of all your books ready for Christmas. (Ok you think I’m mad).

    Seriously I am pleased ‘Leaving George’ is as popular. Well done.

    James McEwan


  2. What a brilliant idea – it would be lovely. However, George (thanks for buying and supporting it) is the only one they have published so I would need to convince them to take on the others – or at least some of them first!!! 🙂


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