Every Wednesday

“Hello, do you mind if we sit here, are these seats taken or erm?”

“No, no it’s fine.”

“Mum, what do you want?”

“Oh the usual love, hot chocolate and a piece of lemon pie.”

“Right, here look after the bags.”

“Okay, got em.”


“So, are you shopping then.”

“Yes, shopping yes.  You.”

“Yes, yes hitting the sales now the holidays are over.”

“Hmm nice.”

“Mind you, we come every week.”

“Oh do you?”

“Yeah, every week, rain and shine.  Me and my daughter.  That’s my daughter, getting the drinks.”

“The one who called you Mum, really.”

“Yeah, me and Bridget, every week, that’s her name Bridget, my daughter.”


“Every week, rain and shine we come here always have the same, a chocolate and lemon pie.  Always the same.  Sometimes I have coffee.”


“Yes, sometimes coffee. Every week though.”


“Always on a Thursday, every week on a Thursday.”

“Yes, I see.”

“Sometimes on Wednesday, but we wouldn’t miss it. Bridget, my daughter treats me, whenever she can.  They are busy though aren’t they these young people.  She can’t always make it but when she can we come, every week.  I look forward to it.  Course with the holidays it’s been a week or two but normally you’ll find us here.

“Every week, except when it’s too cold.”


“Not bothering you am I, only you looked happy sitting here, it’s nice to see someone smile these days. ”

“No, no.”

“Did I say, we come here on Thursdays.”

“You did, except if it’s Wednesday or it’s too cold.”

“Oh, well yes, but normally wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Regular as Clockwork.  Course, some times we go to the new place round the corner, if Bridget hasn’t got long, meeting her friends or something.  Lovely there it is.  Nice tea. Tea and a Teacake, that’s what we have.”


“Sometimes we go to Chester.  I like Chester, it’s not too busy on a Thursday, nice it is Chester. We went twice last year.”


“But no, normally here we are regular as clockwork.  Oh here she comes now Bridget, my daughter, did I say.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Oh, what did she get me, ah a lemonade and a ginger cake.  Lovely.  Oh, oh are you going.”




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