The thing with no name

So, here’s the thing. You know that serial with no name – the one all about Simon and Gloria and chains and dead sisters and peeing your pants and stuff. Well it looks as though it is likely that it will be published (so, I have to come up with a name 😦  aaaaagh)

Because of that I can’t really carry on posting it here. I’m really sorry – but, if you have been following the story and you want to know – “what happened next” drop me a line, a message, send me a pigeon and I will send you a pdf of the chapters from where we left off to the end.

It’s the first time I’ve done this and I do hope that you understand. I’ll post again with an update.




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4 responses to “The thing with no name

  1. Hi Diane, good luck with dragging a name out of your work. I think one of your best titles was ‘Leaving George’, it was the whole story in two words. Perhaps if you can identify the theme in a short paragraph and then keep pruning until the title flys off the page.
    I feel your frustration, good luck.


    • thanks so much. funnily George is the book that has sold the best as well, in spite of really rather mixed reviews although The Grave is catching up nicely just now after a Book Bub promotion and making it to number 2 in the free titles on .com. I am sure my publisher will come up with some ideas and in fact we often have a bit of a throwing words at each other session once the book is on the way. I haven’t had it back from the editor yet so there is a little while. You have given me some food for thought though. Thank you


  2. Fran Macilvey

    Well done, Diane! 🙂 I’m very pleased for you. xx


  3. Thanks so much Fran. I did feel bad about not finishing on my blog but I was only half way through so to post it in a reasonable length of time it would overlap what I hope will be the publication. I am happy to send anyone who was reading a copy of the final chapters but Yes, I am excited about it getting out there – Can’t wait to see the cover suggestions.


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