The Flat Share

Chapter 4

“Hi, Samantha.”

“Sammy, please, Sammy.”

“Oh, yeah right Sammy.  Is this it, just two bags, is that all you’ve got?”

“Yes, it’s mostly work clothes, I have to be smart for work otherwise there’d probably only be one bag.  I haven’t ever collected much, well what I did have was pretty much wrecked in the fire and I haven’t had my own place since then.  When you’re in other people’s houses you have to keep it under control.”

“Yeah, I suppose so.  Here let me help you.  I did the windows and so on, the room’s ready. Gave it a bit of a vacuum round and that, you know.”

“Oh, you are lovely, you shouldn’t have bothered.  Aw, thanks so much.”

Bloody hell, this bags heavy for clothes, blimey.

“Wow, look at that all lovely and welcoming.”

“Yeah, look Sammy I didn’t know what to do about bedding and stuff.  You know we didn’t discuss anything like that so I just put my spare duvet on there.  If you’d rather use your own, you know bedding, well just say.  Actually, while we’re on the subject, I don’t think we really organised very much really, do you think we could have a chat when you’ve got your breath and sort out a few things.  Will that be okay?  I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge and I thought we could sit and sort of talk through all the stuff like, erm well food and the kitchen and stuff like that.”

“Oh, yeah, that’d be great.  I think that’s a smashing idea, trouble is though I haven’t really got a lot of time just now.  I have to go and meet a couple of mates, I’d already arranged it before I knew I’d be moving in here and they’ve travelled up by train.  Do you mind if we do it later.  Will that be okay?  There’s no problems really are there.  We can just sort of muddle through for the next couple of days and maybe deal with the problems as they come up.”

“Well, I suppose, if you’ve got to be somewhere.  Thing is though, I’ve never shared before, well only with Phil and that wasn’t the same.  I mean what about stuff like milk, coffee and stuff erm, well.”

“Look, I really do have to rush.  Tell you what why don’t I give you some cash, here there’s about thirty quid there and then we can just share stuff like milk for the time being.  Will that be okay.  I eat at the hospital, oh yeah my job, I’m a medical secretary, so as I say I eat at the hospital, so I’ll only need a bit of bread for toast and stuff.  Is that okay, God is it six o clock already.  Look I’ll have to go, oh erm yeah, well, I might be late is there any chance I could have a key, you know for the front door, so’s I don’t disturb you when I come in.”

“Oh, okay, yeah.  Let me get the spare key, sorry I should have thought.  I’ll just get milk then and bread and stuff.  Okay but, you know if we could sit down in the next day or so and sort everything out.”

“Oh, yeah, God yeah, ‘course we will.  Don’t worry, it’s just that, as I said I already had this arrangement.  Sorry, sorry.  Look I really have to dash now.  See you later yeah.  Byee.”

I have got a horrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, why does this feel so odd.

Still as she said she didn’t know that she’d be moving just now, understandable really and it means I’ve got the place to myself and she did give me a wodge of cash so that’s good.  I’ll pop down to the Tesco Express, get some stuff in and then maybe tomorrow we can have the talk and I can tell her about the month trial and stuff.

I just wish I didn’t feel worried; I’m probably being daft, typical of me.  Yeah, she’s nice and she did give me the money.  I’m sure it’s all fine.


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