The Flat Share

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A flat share could solve Charlotte's problems. She should have vetted the applicant more closely.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A flat share could solve Charlotte’s problems. She should have vetted the applicant more closely.

Chapter 5

It’s funny, I thought the flat’d feel different with someone else living here but it doesn’t.  Well, she doesn’t snore that’s for sure.  I wonder what time she got in last night, I never heard a thing so it must’ve been well after I went to sleep.

I wonder what the routine should be? I mean, should I just carry on as if I’m on my own or give her a knock and ask if she wants a cup of coffee.  Hmm, I suppose it’ll all settle down over the next couple a days, I should stop fussing so much I suppose.  Joanie calls me a worry wart.

Well, I’d better get off, still no sound, I wonder what time she’s supposed to be at work, it’s already half eight and the hospital’s on the other side of town so if she’s supposed to start at nine it’s gonna be a bit of a dash.  Oh bugger it, she’s a big girl I’m sure she knows what she’s doin’.  Tonight though, I’m gonna pin her down and try and sort out some basics…

“Helloooo, anybody in.”  Hmm, nothing.

Oh, my cup’s still on the drainer, there doesn’t seem to be any sign on life.  I knew it; she slept in and then had to dash off without even a cup of tea.  I hate that, I wonder if I should offer my old radio alarm, maybe she hasn’t got a clock.  Still though her mobile phone must have an alarm.

I wonder what time she’ll be back, should I make something for both of us to eat or just carry on.  Oh, bloody hell, I must stop swearing, I’m gonna get a box and fine myself every time.  This is all very uncomfortable, it’s my own fault a course, I should have sorted it all out properly.  Maybe we should get a take away, Chinese.  Mind that’s a bit dear, I know she gave me some money but a take away’d use most of what’s left.  Oh sod it, is sod swearing – nah, I’ll just make myself a sandwich and have a glass of that wine.  If she wants something when she comes in we can deal with it then.  She did say she eats at the hospital anyway.

Half eight, still no sign.  I wonder if I misunderstood, did she say she was going away with her friends.  I’m sure she just said she was meeting them.

God, I hope she’s not ill.  She could be lying up there now with flu or something and I’m just sat here.  I wonder if I should go and knock on her door.  There hasn’t been a sound though.

I feel stupid here with my ear against the door, should I knock, there’s no sound.  I hope she’s okay, if she got drunk last night she could have choked, oh bloody hell, I hope she isn’t dead.  Shit, she could be lying there dead and I just went off to work.  She could have been lying there ill this morning and I just went off to work and now she’s dead.  Is that my fault, will I get into trouble.  Is it some sort of neglect or something?  Oh, bloody Nora why did I get into all this.  All I wanted was a bit of spare cash and now look a soddin’ dead body.

Right, I’m just gonna knock… nothing… still nothing.

I’m goin’ in, no choice, really is there, oh please don’t let her be dead.  Shit, I’ve never even seen a dead body.  If she’s dead do I call an ambulance, the police who, well the police obviously.  Okay, okay – I’m goin’ in.

“Helloo, Sammy, you okay, it’s me.  Helloo.”


Her bags are still all over the place, I don’t think she’s been back since yesterday.  Oh stupid me, I must’ve misunderstood.  She’s gone off with her mates and there am I having her choking to death, idiot.  God, that was scary though.  I need a drink


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