The Flat Share


Desperate times call for desperate measures. A flat share could solve Charlotte’s problems. She should have vetted the applicant more closely.

Chapter 6

What time is it, uh, half past two, oh I need a wee.

Shit, what’s that noise, oh my god there’s someone in the house, there is, there is.  Shit, they’re on the stairs, oh hell.  Phone, phone, okay, okay keep calm.  Should I call the police? – erm duh yes.

Oh, for heaven’s sake you prat.  It must be Samantha.

Is it, it must be, yes that was her door closing.  Oh shit, that was horrible; I really thought it was a burglar.

No, all quiet now, I’ll have to sneak out, I really, really need a wee now but I don’t want her to know she woke me.  Actually, why don’t I, it’s bloody late to be coming in and making a noise.  That’s something else I need to get clear, if she comes in late like this often, then she has to be quiet.  Still though, once I get used to her sharing I suppose I won’t get such a shock.  Mustn’t cause a fuss about nothing, that’s not the way to go.

Well, I’m glad she’s here, at least I know where I am now and we can get everything sorted out.  Right – toilet.  I’ll be as quiet as I can, should I flush it, can’t leave it, oh for Pete’s sake you wuss go and have a wee…


Urgh, bloody alarm, shut up, shut up.  Half seven, oh bugger it’s raining.  I really will have to stop swearing.

Here we go, shit it’s cold.  Right now today I’m going to take charge, I’ll make her a cup of coffee, oh I wonder if it should be tea, no, no coffee.  I have coffee so I’ll make coffee, I’ll take it in to her and tell her that I really need her to be in at some time tonight so we can sort out all the bits and pieces.

I wonder where she’s been, I suppose it’s none of my business but it’s a bit odd really.  Then again, she’s not used to having her own place, I should really try and help her to settle down, it’ll all be okay once we get used to each other.

Right, coffee, hmm wonder if I should take her toast, yeah why not, just a slice of toast with some butter and jam, who wouldn’t like that.  I would, if she doesn’t want it she can leave it can’t she, it’s the thought that counts…


Right, here we go, coffee, toast, smile.  All ready…

I wonder if I should knock again, she was so late in last night she’s probably soundo.  I’ll pop my head round the door.

Ah, ah, what if there’s somebody else with her, we never covered that did we.  I don’t suppose she’d really bring somebody back would she, I wouldn’t, then again I didn’t tell her not to.  Nah, come on she wouldn’t do that would she.  What if she has though, how embarrassing would that be, no, she won’t have. I’ll knock again and if she doesn’t answer I’ll put my head round the door.  If there’s somebody else there, well, we’re all grown ups.

Hmm, still no answer, right.  Hi, Sammy, it’s after eight, I don’t know what time you like to get up.  I made some coffee, shall I turn the light on, or just open the curtains.  Did you have a good time with your ma…


Nobody here.  Bloody hell that’s odd.  I was sure I heard her come in last night, did I dream it, nah, she did come in.  Well, somebody came in.

Aha, look there in the corner, what the hell are those cardboard boxes, they weren’t there yesterday.  Should I look, no, no, not my business.  That’s odd though, she must have just come in and left those and then gone out again.  What the hell is going on here?


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