The Flat Share

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A flat share could solve Charlotte's problems. She should have vetted the applicant more closely.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A flat share could solve Charlotte’s problems. She should have vetted the applicant more closely.

Chapter 9

“So, Samantha.  Charlie said that you work at the hospital yeah?”

“Yes, in the admin department, not very glamorous but the pay’s not bad and I get subsidised meals and stuff.  What do you do Joanie?”

“Oh, similar, I’m a PA, boring but it pays the bills.  You from round here are you?”

“No, not really, further north, up near Newcastle.”

“Oh, you don’t have a Geordie accent.”

“No, well I’m not from Newcastle proper and we moved around a lot.  When I was a kid.

“You said you lived with your Aunties and your Granny ?.”

“And my mum on and off.  Loads of different places and then I’ve been down here for a couple of years.  I think I’m one of those people whopick up local accents really quickly you know.”

“No brothers or sisters then?”

“No, just me all on my lonesome.  Listen girls I really have had a hell of a couple of days, would you think I was a real drag if I just went up and had a quick shower and crashed?”

“Oh, no that’s fine.  Have you got everything you want?”

“Yeah, oh by the way I called in earlier today with some bits and pieces, popped them in your freezer.  You two finish the bubbly, I can’t keep my eyes open.”

“Wow, thanks. Oh can you let me have your mobile number, just in case I need to get in touch or anything?”

“Oh, of course.  I can never remember it though, who can eh?”

“Well just ring through to mine, you’ve got the number from the card at the shop and then I can store it.  Yours was hidden when you rang last time, that’s really sensible, isn’t it Joanie?  I really must do it to mine.”

“Oh, thing is my phone’s as flat as a pancake right now, mad couple of days as I said. I can’t find the bloody charger, still soon as it’s back on I’ll send the number.  Night girls.”

“There y’are you see, she came in today and so she must have unpacked the boxes and thrown them away.”

“D’ya reckon?  I’m sorry Charlie there’s something not right.  If she’s from Newcastle so’s my left buttock.  You don’t lose an accent that completely, not unless you try really hard.”

“Oh, stop it; you just don’t want to like her because I didn’t tell you about her.”

“No, no it’s not that.  I admit I think you were a bit sneaky and I feel a bit put out but that’s not it, I just get a funny feeling about her.  All that about her ‘phone as well, who bothers to hide their number? – oooh that’s so clever isn’t it, I’ll have to do that – when have you ever thought that was a good idea? Who do you know that can be arsed?”

“Well, maybe there’s a good reason.”

“And then she can’t remember it and the ‘phones dead and she can’t find the charger.  Twaddle.”

“Oh, shut up here have some more bubbly and let’s go and see what she put in the freezer.


Oh, look ready meals, pizza, loadsa stuff.”

“But, isn’t it odd Charlie, you said she’s never been here and yet she goes and buys all this and a bottle of Moet.  I don’t know, there’s something funny about her.”

“Okay, I admit I have felt a bit odd about it all. Tell you what I’ll tell her that it’s not working out for me, give her a month and then let her have her deposit back and you can tell that girl at work that there might be a place.  Okay?”

“I think that’s best, I really do…”

“Night love, see you Friday, give me a ring when you leave the office and I’ll see you in the pub.”

“Yeah, night love…”


Hunh, what’s that, God what time is it, half two, what the hell’s that noise.

“Oh, Sammy, it’s you, I wondered what was going on.”

“Sorry Charlie, I’m really sorry, I tripped.”

“What’re you doin?”

“Eh, oh just bringing in a couple of boxes, my mates brought em round, I know it’s late but she’s been away and she had these round her place.  Then I tripped.  You go back to bed, this is the last one.  Sorry I woke you.”

“But, what’s in the boxes Sammy?”

“Oh just stuff, you know bits and pieces.”

“I thought you didn’t have much stuff.”

“God I know, amazing how much we collect and then when it’s all in one place it’s so much more than you thought isn’t it?  It’s alright isn’t it me having it here? If it’s not, well – oh well my mate’s gone now but I could get her to come back tomorrow.”

“Oh god no, don’t do that, no, no course not.  If you need extra space you know I’ll clear out a cupboard or something, no, no it’s fine.”

“Great, see you tomorrow then eh.  Night night.”

“Yeah, night.”


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