The Flat Share

Chapter 18

“Here ya go love, here’s your pain killers, how’re you feeling now?”

“Not too bad really, I’m still a bit spacey from that stuff they gave me before they set my arm ya know.  Thanks.”

“D’ya want anything else?”

“No, no I’m okay really, don’t worry.  Look I mean it really; I don’t want you feeling bad.”

“God Charlie, how can I not feel bad?  I broke your bloody arm.”

“No, no you didn’t.  An accident broke my arm.  Honest it wasn’t your fault.  If it hadn’t been for me we wouldn’t ’a been in this fix in the first place would we.”

“No, I know but I still feel rotten about it.”

“Well don’t, okay.”


“Anyway, listen – do you think it’ll have worked?”

“Well, I hope so.  We left the boxes of drugs in that room at the hospital.  Surely whoever finds ‘em is going to wonder where they came from and then they’ll have to start asking about and, well, you know.  The trail should lead back to Samantha and that should get her out of our hair.  That’s the idea anyway.”

“Fingers crossed then.  Thing is though, we won’t know will we, I mean how will we know whether or not they’ve been found.  It’s gonna be a bit grim just waiting and waiting isn’t it?”

“D’ya want to come back to mine for a bit.  Ya know with your arm and all, you could come and stay and then she won’t know where you are anyway.  Also, I can help you, cos after all at least until you get used to the plaster it’s going to be tricky isn’t it.”

“Well, that’s kind but what about Billy?”

“Well, what about him.”

“Well, it’s putting him out a bit really, and you haven’t got a spare room, with him having all his computer gaming stuff in your little bedroom.  No, I think I’d rather just stay here to be honest.  Thanks though, tell you what, you couldn’t stay for an extra night could you.”

“Yeah course I can, where are we now, Tuesday, oh sod it tell you what, I’ll stay till the weekend and then we’ll see what happens.  I’ll have to go into work but I’ll be back by just after half five and you should be able to manage during the day.”

“Yeah, I’ll need to ring them at the office in the morning.  I can’t face going in tomorrow so I’ll get sick leave till next week and then I’ll just have to see what we can work out.  I can go in and do light duties, the phone and what not.  Yeah, that’d be great if you stay till the weekend.  Thanks love.”

“Oh, shit that’s the door, I wonder if it’s Samantha. Oh but you gave her a key didn’t you?”

“Yeah, she usually just comes straight in. Look out the window.”

“Oh, it’s a bloke, a little bloke, wearing jeans and a brown jacket.  Any ideas?”

“No, no. I’m not expecting anyone.  Oh shit, has he got a lot of blonde hair, about five seven, skinny?”

“Yeah, that’s right, who is it.”


“Oh bloody hell, it’s the delivery bloke, the one who brought the drugs.”

“Oh shit, shit.  What are we gonna do now?”

“Erm, well, look, just don’t answer it.  He didn’t say he was coming back and so he doesn’t know we’re here. Oh, god he’s hammering again.  Oh shit that’s barmy Barry from downstairs opening the door.  Don’t let ‘im in Barry or I swear I’ll put dog poo through your letter box again.”


“What, oh er yes – long story, I’ll tell you sometime.  He deserved it anyway.”

“Bugger, he’s let him in.  He’s coming up the stairs. Oh what are we gonna do?”…

“Hello, hello.  I know there’s someone in. Would you open the door please?”

“No, bugger off. Go on piss off, we’re not letting you in.  Go on sod off slime ball.”

“Detective Sergeant Nick Thorp here madam, now come on open the door.”

“Oh Joanie, bloody hell fire, what now.”

“Okay, I’ll let him in.  We’ve no choice, but please Charlie, please keep your mouth shut okay.”


“And Charlie, please stop crying.”



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