The Flat Share

Chapter 20 

“Okay, so you’re telling me that, before the card in the shop window advertising for a flat mate, you had never met Samantha Turner?”

“Yeah, no I hadn’t.”

“And although she agreed to take the room she never actually stayed here?”

“No, well she might have done once but I’m not sure because she said she was, then in the middle of the night she was carting boxes up and down the stairs and so I don’t know if you can count that.”

“But, in spite of never staying here she gave you two months rent and contributed to the housekeeping?”

“Housekeeping, no, no.  She didn’t do that.”

“I thought you said she filled the freezer and bought wine?”

“Oh, yeah she did that, I thought you meant she’d done the dusting, which she didn’t.”

“Okay, right.  When you became aware of the boxes, you decided to have a look and that’s when you discovered they were drugs?”

“Yeah, although that was more Joanie than me.”

“Oh, thanks Charlie.”

“Oh, what? No I was just saying, you know.  I wouldn’t want him to think I was nosey, although I suppose I am but it was you, wasn’t it, it was you that opened that box?.  I’m glad you did of course, well actually, maybe I’m not but.”

“Ms Reid. Could you try and keep to the point?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, course, right.”

“So, then when Ms Turner discovered that you had opened the boxes she blackmailed you into agreeing to store them for you and to accept more?”

“Yeah, that’s when you came.  It’s a bit odd that by the way, I think it’s a bit odd anyway, isn’t that entrapment or something?  Don’t you think it’s odd Joanie, him being a policeman?”

“Yeah, I do, I said that already.  It’s all bloody odd if you ask me.”

“Ladies, please can we not go down that road again?  Police procedure isn’t really your concern.  Can we get back to the blackmail?”

“Look before we do that can I just say that I was very low.  Depressed, probably almost mentally ill actually.  Yeah, the balance of my mind was disturbed.”


“Yes.  I think so.”

“Why don’t you just tell me what happened, simply, slowly?”

“Okay, well I was feeling pretty miserable, no money, overdraft, well not really an overdraft because I hadn’t ever.”


“Well it’s relevant, I think it’s relevant don’t you Joanie?”

“Not really, but you carry on.”

“Are you mad with me?  Is it about opening the box?”

“No, I’m not mad.  I’m just actually very, very tired.”

“Yeah.  Okay so, I went into Marks and I was just walking around and then I saw this bra.  It was really pretty, underwired.”


“Oh,yeah I suppose that’s not really… Well I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never, ever done anything like that before but, well.  I put it in my bag.”

“You stole it?”

“Well kinda.”


“Well yeah, you see I did but then when I got outside I got really scared and so I took it back.”

“You took it back?”

“Yeah, and hung it on a rack.”

“So, you didn’t steal it?”

“Well, to be absolutely honest I suppose I did but not for very long and I never put it on or anything so really I just took it out and then took it back.”

“So, you almost stole a bra.  How did this lead to blackmail?”

“Ah, well Sam –bloody- mantha had filmed me on her ‘phone.”

“Yes, and?”

“Erm well, she had film of me and then she stole a pile more underwear and put it in the drawers.  Also, she’d given me the money and bought food and wine and stuff.  She said that it’d make it look as though I, erm we, were involved.”

“I see.”

“Would it?”


“Would it look as though we were involved?”

“Would taking a – bra – out of Marks and Spencer, taking it back in again, letting a room in your house and having a freezer full of frozen food make it appear that you were involved with an international drug smuggling organisation.  Well, to be honest I find it hard to see how.“However, this brings us to the next issue.  Why did you take the boxes back to the hospital and leave them in the derelict morgue?”

“The what?  Eurgh, the morgue, oh God.  I’ve been in a morgue, oh god, aah.”

“Ms Rook, calm down.  Please just sit down, where are you going?”


“What? No you’re not, please sit down.”

“No way.  Oh no, I’ve been in a morgue, oh my god, no I’ll have to go and have a shower.”

“Ms Rook, Please sit down!  Ms Rook, come back.  Ms Rook.”


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