Jack Reacher – Night School

I was a bit hesitant to start this. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to a younger Reacher. I should have had faith. Sorry Mr Child. It was great. I particularly enjoyed the style of this one. Maybe it was because it was a while since I read the last or maybe it is just more pronounced this time round but – it suited me.

More hanky panky than normal, or more detail about the hanky and indeed the panky but it was done very well and made me love Jack just a bit more.

The story was convoluted and involved and it really did keep me up reading into the early hours and there is one bit right at the end where I thought – well yes, he had to – and that made me pause and wonder about myself.

There were one or two places where I wondered about the language, whether it was a bit out of time, a couple of phrases that I believe are more modern than the setting but it didn’t really matter because I enjoyed the rest of it so much.

Yes, still on form, still keeping me hooked. Thank you.


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