A Melancholy Moment

Just a melancholy moment, from a drowning, saddened eye

When my gaze was pulling seaward and my heart gave me a sigh

On a dim and misty evening, just before the close of day

A memory of my loving with a man who couldn’t stay.

And I saw him in the sea mist, on the strand below the dune

His being just a memory here and gone too soon

I remembered how he held me, how his body fit to mine

How we loved beneath the sea grass, our passion, true and fine.

Before old Neptune took him, took him to his breast

Deep into the greenness to find his endless rest.

I saw him in the magic of the soft descending night

But I knew it for a spectre and I turned away in fright

I have come again at sunset, at the rising of the moon

But my love is lost forever for I turned away too soon.

(c) D M Dickson 2017




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5 responses to “A Melancholy Moment

  1. Wow! I love poems like this. Brilliant with description and heartfelt emotion. Beautiful.


  2. A lovely poem. I understood this as an expression of the point on the verge of commitment that surrounds the moment of falling in love, the accumulation and doubt of feelings and then too late the sad sense of regret.

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  3. Fran Macilvey

    Reminds me of one of your stories, I think it is…? Lovely poem. 🙂


    • Yes, there is one about a woman visiting a harbour in memory of a dead lover. I didn’t write this with that in mind but you are right – I’m impressed by your memory. xx


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