The Crossing Places – Book Review

After a few failures in reading choices lately this was recommended by a friend whose judgement has been reliable before and again she was spot on.

I truly looked forward to picking this up when I had a chance to read.

The main character is a refreshing change, she is a very believable human being. She struggles with life but at the centre there is real strength I think. The supporting cast were interesting and unusual and though I did actually guess the ‘baddie’ quite early on there were enough little red herrings to make me doubt now and then.

The descriptive writing was very good. I don’t know Norfolk very well but I was taken there and plonked down in the midst of dangerous tides, quick sands and wild weather – very good indeed. There was a teeny little disclosure at the end which was perfectly placed and heartwarming and has made me very impatient to read the next in the series. I am reliable informed by my friend that they get better – I am really pleased to have found a new series.

There are a couple of things in this that made me wonder, just now and then things that I wasn’t totally convinced by but at the end this is fiction and so pretty much, what the author says is what is true in her own reality.


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