A quick poem

Written in response to a poem prompt that demanded starting with one word – working up to ten and then back down to finish with the first word.


I heard,
That you sang,
When the bells rang,
And all the morning calls,
Like dripping honey fell to earth,
And clothed the spring day in song,
And the beauty made me long, yet again,
To be among the trees, along the dappled lane,
And down beneath the greening cuckoo bower, in deep shade,
The only real thing the love that we made,
Then we would lie with sunkissed limbs entwined.
After loving, wake from sleep, to find,
fallen blossoms covered all the grass.
We let the hours pass,
And through nature’s throng,
Just your song,
We heard,

cropped Robin with logo1



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “A quick poem

  1. A tricky format to follow. I enjoyed this.


  2. Fran Macilvey

    Soooo lovely, Diane. Thank you! 😀


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