Tanya Miller – Book 5 FREE

From today until the 18th March book 5 of the best selling Tanya Miller Series is free on Kindle

.com link.

When a semi-retired home tutor is found killed in her home, the obvious suspects are two teenage lads encountered fleeing the scene. After the boys give the police the run around and disappear, the investigation, led by uncompromising DI Tanya Miller, focuses on the victim.

There is considerable surprise when forensics turn up traces of cocaine at the murdered woman’s home. Is it possible that a respected local teacher, getting on in her years, could be involved in drugs?

Miller’s investigation hits a brick wall and her woes are exacerbated when a detective constable is seriously injured by a freak accident at a neighbouring property. At the time when Miller needed to pull the team together, it seems to be falling into further disarray.

Finding the boys will be crucial to solving the case. But the police are not the only ones looking for them.

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