A christmas Party by Georgette Heyer


I used to read this author’s romance books many, many years ago. This was a book bub offer and I thought well, why not.

I did enjoy it. It is very dated, the language is positively archaic but it was great fun. Fans of Agatha Christie would enjoy it I think.

Yes, I guessed the culprit, but not as soon as I would have hoped and I have to say that the method and means of the murder were rather clever and though by the end I had caught up and did know just about as much as the “inspector” I had really had a good time getting there. It wouldn’t suit people who like modern novels with blood, guts and bad language but if you like some real escapism and to travel back in time then yes, go on – why not.

I have to admit as well that the idea of a country house party with “staff” and tea and cocktails being brought into the room on a tray carried by ad imperious butler make me wish for bygone times, – though knowing my luck I would have been a “tweeny” !!!