Double Double Time & Trouble

I read the first book My Name is Not Alice because someone had told me about it. It is not my usual choice, I am not a young adult!! But I enjoyed it very much and so, when I saw this secotroublend book I had to give it a go. Ms Rust has a wonderful imagination and a way of hooking you in, even though you know you are too old to be reading her work! Clever. This book is a fantasy/police/who dunnit/love story with time travel and all it’s conundrums thrown in, and she has woven them all together seamlessly. The ending is all tied in a neat little package and finished with a bow.

The writing is very proficient, smooth and the whole is very well edited. The author has a great way with an action sequence even if it does include black unicorns and blessed swords! I loved the reference to one of my favourite poems of all time, no spoiler but it has highwaymen and lovelorn maidens in it.

I really did enjoy this and I cared about the characters, their torments, and their triumphs and again I would ask – how did you get me to read this work that is so far outside what I normally choose – hmmm. I would say finally that it’s worth reading the first one first – just because it enhances the understanding and enjoyment of this one.