Person of Interest by Peter Grainger.

person of interest.jpgI’d forgotten about this series. Well not quite forgotten as put them aside because I didn’t enjoy the previous one all that much. However, this was back on form I thought.

One has to wonder what crime writers did before drugs smuggling became so terribly popular! Yes, this is about that very subject but it has some extras (won’t say what because that would be a spoiler) I think what makes it stand out is the interaction between the characters. They are all very believable and -yes- entertaining.

Smith is Jack Frost in another incarnation – there is really no getting away from that – but he’s well drawn and endearing.

A lot of stuff that could be considered a cliche I agree but it was a well written book (couple of missing words here and there but not enough to cause dismay) and I was entertained and enthralled.

I will just say that the action sequences were particularly well done.

I am starting the next book in the series immediately.