Station Eleven

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

This took a little longer than it would have done had Christmas not intervened.
The book was recommended to me by someone who has suggested good reads before and she was absolutely spot on with this one.I thought it was an elegantly written book, there is lovely language in there. I wouldn’t say that I have read many apocalyptic stories because I have tended to think of them as Sci Fi, this was certainly not that. I loved the re-igniting of old history that is cleverly woven through it. After the end “The Symphony”, a group of travelers, perform Shakespeare to other survivors in a world that is dangerous and decaying. It just seems right that after the end they have somehow gone back to the beginning with traveling players and ancient tales.
The end of civilisation as we know it comes suddenly, as well I suppose it might with today’s world of air travel but then of course, after the end, those that are left face a series of new ends and endless beginnings.
There is love in it, old and new, fear and violence and at the end there is hope. It was sad in many, many ways but it made sense and I loved the way all the bows were finally tied neatly together.I thoroughly enjoyed it.




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