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Jordan in Hardback – Oh wow.

Jordan and Stella now available in paperback (still at the introductory price of not very much at all ((99p)) or (if you like) beautiful hardback.

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Jordan Carr Book 5

Look lovely Jordan is back.

More dead people, more danger.

UK Link.
Link on .com


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Tanya Miller on the trail of Brutal murderers, nasty and dark but FREE – Grab it now

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special offer – Jordan Carr – why wouldn’t you?

99 p at the moment. You can buy this and still have enough for an ice cream.

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Free!!! Book 2 in the Jordan Carr series.

Take a trip to Liverpool

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Very excited to have won a signed copy of this book. I have of course already read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. But to have one from the hand of the author is pretty special.

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This is me – !

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Tanya Miller – Book 5 FREE

From today until the 18th March book 5 of the best selling Tanya Miller Series is free on Kindle

.com link.

When a semi-retired home tutor is found killed in her home, the obvious suspects are two teenage lads encountered fleeing the scene. After the boys give the police the run around and disappear, the investigation, led by uncompromising DI Tanya Miller, focuses on the victim.

There is considerable surprise when forensics turn up traces of cocaine at the murdered woman’s home. Is it possible that a respected local teacher, getting on in her years, could be involved in drugs?

Miller’s investigation hits a brick wall and her woes are exacerbated when a detective constable is seriously injured by a freak accident at a neighbouring property. At the time when Miller needed to pull the team together, it seems to be falling into further disarray.

Finding the boys will be crucial to solving the case. But the police are not the only ones looking for them.

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Crime Writer

From 7th to 14th March Brazen Escape – Book 4 of the best selling Tanya Miller series is on a Kindle countdown deal. Act now before it’s too late.

Kindle UK

Chuffed to Bits to be Crime Writer’s Association ‘featured author’ for March. – here I am in glorious technicolour.


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Bone Baby – Kindle Countdown

Until the 4th March

Bone Baby is on a countdown deal. The sooner you grab it the bigger your smile.

For many years, Lily and her partner had kept a terrible secret. When her partner dies, this secret becomes her burden alone. Soon it becomes an obsession.

Having worked alongside her more flamboyant partner in the publishing industry in London, the more sensitive Lily was used to playing second fiddle in their enigmatic social set. But their nice life hid a dark secret, one that she does not want to carry to her grave.

Many years ago, Lily and her partner covered up a crime. They took something precious that didn’t belong to them and lost it.

Lily has had to live with the consequences of her actions until she is given the chance to repair the damage she has done. This leads Lily down a dangerous path into the past.

Disorientated, paranoid and scared, she uncovers a far graver crime. What she contemplates next is unthinkable.

BONE BABY is set in the present-day cities of Bath and Portsmouth in southern England.

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