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A post about The Body in the Canal and how I got there.

Read about the books that influence my writing. https://shepherd.com/best-books/when-you-want-to-dabble-in-crime-with-no-risk


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Working title – Missing Mates

Not sure whether this will go anywhere or just end up as a short story or a novella length. We shall see.


The sun speared through the shadows of the trees painted on the grass. Suzanne Lythgoe had no time for any of it as she pounded around the park. She had a vicious stitch in her side but they were nearly there and she was about to beat her personal best.

After Suze turned to Lucy, sitting alongside her on the bench, “I think I’m giving this up, Lucy,” she said, as she struggled to tie her shoelaces. “I’m not doing it anymore. I won’t be able to walk, my legs are like jelly. You told me it’d get easier. It hasn’t, you told me I’d feel great. I don’t.”

“You’re your own worst enemy. You try too hard. You always did. You did when we were at school, when we were in nurse training, and now when you should act your age and adjust. It’s supposed to be fun, but you still try to beat everyone. You’re in your sixties and it’s time you admitted it.”

“Never. I feel no different than when I was a bright young thing. I can still touch my toes – normally. I still have mostly my own hair colour and all my own teeth. Anyway, you’re just as competitive as I am. Behave.”

“I am not, I just like to keep fit and well. Anyway, don’t blame me when you can’t get out of bed in the morning. Are you still on for town? I want to take that dress back.”

“Yeah. Have you heard from Ginny? She was going to come with us.”

“Nope. I’ve been trying to reach her. She must be having a bad couple of days. I might go round on the way home. Check up on her.”

“I’ll come as well. Then I reckon I need a glass of white. Let’s go to Alfredos – my treat.”

“Oh yes. I’m only coming so I can help you to the ladies when you can’t get off the chair.”

“Cheeky sod. Have you got your car?”

“No, Steve’s in Morecambe again ‘til tomorrow. Back in time for the weekend because we’ve got the grandkids staying.”

“Nice that’ll be you down the shops with the girls then. Clare’s Accessories stand clear.”

“Ha, yes. It’s exhausting but I love it. Mind you what it’s going to be like when the third one arrives, I can’t imagine.”

“Not long to go now. A boy as well. That’ll be weird for you.”

“It will. Anyway, let’s get off before it’s too late. If she’s not well Ginny might have gone to bed early.”

“Right. My car’s outside but I want to have a drink. Tell you what, we’ll go to mine first, drop off Betsy, and then get an Uber to Ginny’s.”

“You and Betsy. What was it you called your last car, Smiffy or Sniffy or something?”

“Yes, Sniffy. That was because Bill’s Mum always used to sniff when she got in. It wasn’t as big or as flashy as their Maureen’s.”

“Aye, well, nothing is as big or as flash as their Maureen’s.”

“This is true. Still, Ma in Law has been lovely since the divorce. Didn’t take sides, never apportioned blame.”

“Well, none of it was your fault, was it?”

“Enough of that, all old news. Let’s get off or we won’t get a table. It’s busy on a Thursday now.”

They dropped off the car, checked phone messages, and fed the cat by which time it had started to rain. The wind threw litter about in the street and the night turned foul. The restaurant was cancelled, pizza ordered and two bottles of wine later it was all over bar the shouting. Three hours later Lucy was safely in a taxi and Suzanne went to bed. Nothing different, nothing to worry about at all.

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Jordan in Hardback – Oh wow.

Jordan and Stella now available in paperback (still at the introductory price of not very much at all ((99p)) or (if you like) beautiful hardback.

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Tanya Miller on the trail of Brutal murderers, nasty and dark but FREE – Grab it now

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special offer – Jordan Carr – why wouldn’t you?

99 p at the moment. You can buy this and still have enough for an ice cream.

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This is me – !

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Bone Baby – Kindle Countdown

Until the 4th March

Bone Baby is on a countdown deal. The sooner you grab it the bigger your smile.

For many years, Lily and her partner had kept a terrible secret. When her partner dies, this secret becomes her burden alone. Soon it becomes an obsession.

Having worked alongside her more flamboyant partner in the publishing industry in London, the more sensitive Lily was used to playing second fiddle in their enigmatic social set. But their nice life hid a dark secret, one that she does not want to carry to her grave.

Many years ago, Lily and her partner covered up a crime. They took something precious that didn’t belong to them and lost it.

Lily has had to live with the consequences of her actions until she is given the chance to repair the damage she has done. This leads Lily down a dangerous path into the past.

Disorientated, paranoid and scared, she uncovers a far graver crime. What she contemplates next is unthinkable.

BONE BABY is set in the present-day cities of Bath and Portsmouth in southern England.

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Flash Sale from The Book folks


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Interview with Tall Tales.

This was a fun interview with Sara from Tall Tales talking all about Crime Writing. You can find more of the interviews on thei Tall Tales website and on You tube. And if you fancy a Murder Mystery Party – and who wouldn’t – well they’re the people.


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Links to make it easy

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