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Tanya Miller – Book 5 FREE

From today until the 18th March book 5 of the best selling Tanya Miller Series is free on Kindle

.com link.

When a semi-retired home tutor is found killed in her home, the obvious suspects are two teenage lads encountered fleeing the scene. After the boys give the police the run around and disappear, the investigation, led by uncompromising DI Tanya Miller, focuses on the victim.

There is considerable surprise when forensics turn up traces of cocaine at the murdered woman’s home. Is it possible that a respected local teacher, getting on in her years, could be involved in drugs?

Miller’s investigation hits a brick wall and her woes are exacerbated when a detective constable is seriously injured by a freak accident at a neighbouring property. At the time when Miller needed to pull the team together, it seems to be falling into further disarray.

Finding the boys will be crucial to solving the case. But the police are not the only ones looking for them.

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Free Tanya Miller

Free worldwide until tomorrow. Number five in the Miller series. Bodies in gardens, boys on trains and nasty accidents. Oh my!!!


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Jordan Carr – Book 2

Body By the Docks.

Another adventure for DI Carr and DC Denn – The search for a killer takes them out in the countryside of West Lancashire but first they have to identify the poor burned body.


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Blurred Lines – Tanya Miller Book 5

As promised. Blurred Lines now available on Kindle.

Paperback coming soon.

A murder – a kidnapping – a freak accident – a race against time. Tanya is up against it in this latest investigation

If you’re in America and that


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The One With No Name

So, you remember that story that we had here that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be called.

Well it decided it wanted to be Twist of Truth and here it is all finished and polished and “out there”

Twist of Truth



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Splosh is no more!!

I have decided to re-title the book formally known as Splosh.   It should be live in the next few hours.  The story is the same wonderful madcap romp that ends with food for thought but I just thought I’d go with the modern liking for titles that are as long as the manuscript – The 100 year old man who jumped out of a window and disappeared.  The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry (which is excellent by the way) and so on.  – We shall see.  Thanks as always to wonderful Studioanjou for updating my cover



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I am fickle I suppose

I have had my Kindle for a while now, it is one of the early ones with a keyboard, I love it to bits.

We have hundreds of books – really hundreds, but since buying my reading machine I haven’t bought any paperbacks at all.  However, I was given a bundle by Harper Collins recently and in the great clear up I decided that one of the best things to do with these newcomers was to read them and then they could take their rightful place in the “library”

a few of my books during the latest sort out.

a few of my books during the latest sort out.

Well the first one was dross – it really was and I tossed it – that shows how much I’ve changed, at one time I would have ploughed through to the end but I now realise that life is too short to waste on poor writing.

The next one I tried was by an author called Paul Finch and featured a detective called Mark Heckenberg.  This was a new author for me and it was a hard copy so I was a bit nonplussed being a total Kindle convert. Anyway, once I remembered how to turn over the pages and so on I enjoyed it. It was very violent in parts, very violent indeed but the story was intriguing. It is another detective who has trouble with authority but it’s okay he is well drawn and believable.

Yes, I will read more of this series BUT I will have them on my Kindle – I can’t be doing with all this paper and stuff!!!!!


It’s back to the Kindle now and a story by an Authonomy friend – Jed Oliver.

In the meantime I’m still waiting for inspiration for my own next piece.  Hope it won’t be long, I feel very edgy when I’m not writing.  Mind you there was the Flash Fiction Friday competition on Autho just to keep my hand in.  I’ll pop my entry on here in a day or so – it’s a bit gruesome!!!  🙂

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For heaven’s sake Ewan behave yourself

Okay I have sent Splosh to Kindle land.  I do hope Ewan doesn’t make a prat of himself over on Amazon

splosh 1





Slight change to the cover and a bit of editing but off he goes now.  Bye Ewan !!

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Don’t forget Home Sweet Home is free today and tomorrow

Now on free on Kindle

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Smithy – Time for the free offer

Now that he’s nicely settled in Kindleland I think it’s time to do a free couple of days for Smithy

10th and 11th August Free for download on Kindle

Now on Kindle UK




Smithy on amazon.com

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