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Tanya Miller – Book 5 FREE

From today until the 18th March book 5 of the best selling Tanya Miller Series is free on Kindle

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When a semi-retired home tutor is found killed in her home, the obvious suspects are two teenage lads encountered fleeing the scene. After the boys give the police the run around and disappear, the investigation, led by uncompromising DI Tanya Miller, focuses on the victim.

There is considerable surprise when forensics turn up traces of cocaine at the murdered woman’s home. Is it possible that a respected local teacher, getting on in her years, could be involved in drugs?

Miller’s investigation hits a brick wall and her woes are exacerbated when a detective constable is seriously injured by a freak accident at a neighbouring property. At the time when Miller needed to pull the team together, it seems to be falling into further disarray.

Finding the boys will be crucial to solving the case. But the police are not the only ones looking for them.

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Tanya Miller series – No. 1

Free for the next few days. The first in the Tanya Miller Series.

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Tanya and Team

Looking for a murder mystery series to get hooked on? Check out BROKEN ANGEL by Diane Dickson, the first of four books, or five if you count the one we’re bringing out in June, about DI Tanya Miller set in Oxfordshire. Just 99p/99c for a limited time.
A mutilated corpse dressed as a bride, a psychopathic killer hell-bent on furthering his macabre game, and a woman detective who stands by her instincts.
When a woman disappears from a motorway service station, DI Charlie Lambert struggles to make any headway finding her. Missing person specialist DI Tanya Miller is called in to take over the investigation, but when it becomes a murder inquiry, she too is threatened with replacement.
With a suspected serial killer on the loose, DI Miller must quickly muster her ad hoc team into action. But suspicions about the outsider are rife, and any delay might end in disaster. Is the young detective, woman in a man’s world, up to the task?
After the missing woman’s body is found, mutilated and dressed in a wedding gown, the investigation closes in on the missing woman’s partner. He was certainly present at the time of her disappearance and had a possible motive. But following her instincts, Miller is not so sure. And when another woman goes missing, she takes the matter personally.
Will Miller find the perpetrator before he strikes again?
Based in Oxfordshire and the Midlands this detective murder mystery is set in the heart of England. If you enjoy crime fiction with plenty of twists and full of suspense, BROKEN ANGEL is for you.
Like all of our books, BROKEN ANGEL is FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback.
Readers who enjoy this book will be pleased to hear that three further books also featuring DI Tanya Miller – BURNING GREED, BRUTAL PURSUIT and BRAZEN ESCAPE – are also available from Amazon.
Diane Dickson is the author of several other crime fiction titles including BONE BABY, DEPTHS OF DECEPTION, and LEAVING GEORGE.


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Special Offer Miller!!

10th to 17th December you can have Brutal Pursuit – Book 3 in the Tanya Miller series for the wonderful and discounted price of 99c/99p on a Kindle Countdown.

Just think you can use the $1 that you save to buy the fourth book 🙂  Brazen Escape!

and – as if that wasn’t enough – Pictures of You is totally and completely free from 4th to 8th November – Okay it doesn’t have Tanya or Charlie but it does have mystery and a wee bit of heartbreak, oh yes and a desire for revenge.

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