Chapter 10

It was obvious there was no one home. Well, at least she didn’t have to be miffed because she thought they were together without her.

Suzanne had slipped Ginny’s spare key into her bag the last time they’d been at the house. She probably shouldn’t have, but now it made life so much easier.

This visit was different and, once inside the chilly hallway she stood for a moment. What was she actually doing here?

Nothing had changed; it was colder, and a layer of dust was quite visible now on the furniture. Suzanne drew her hand along the top of the sideboard. Then she felt bad for making it look worse and tried to smudge it. In the end, she went through to the kitchen to look for a duster. It was silly, she knew that. But, if Ginny was to come back and see, it would be embarrassing.

Naturally, the first place to look was in the cupboard under the sink. What weirdo didn’t keep their cleaning products there? Anyway that’s where it was. But it wasn’t.

The bottom of the pantry was a possibility but a no. The cupboard under the stairs was a mass of wellies, old plastic bags, in bags, and a few empty wine bottles.

The shed. Ridiculous but it was the only place left. Moving the cleaning stuff was odd but then again everything was just odd right now. Anyway, that had to be where it was.

It was. Inside an old mop bucket were spray bottles, cloths, and oven cleaner, shoe polish and all the other stuff one collected. Suzanne dragged it out from under the bench. The smell hit her first. It was metallic, nasty, and unclean. Her first thought was that it was floorcloths that had been put away damp. Screwing up her nose she lifted the top couple of cloths with her fingertips. The smell was worse, it was foul. Her mouth filled with saliva as her stomach heaved. No way was she putting her hands in there. Not without gloves anyway. There must be gloves. All three of them had been nurses, gloves were instinctive. Before any of them did anything they pulled on a pair of Marigolds, or gardening gloves or whatever. They should have been on the top of the bucket. First things first and all that.

Okay, she wasn’t going to use any of this stuff, even so, it couldn’t stay here stinking. She took it out into the garden. She spread a heavy-duty waste bag on the patio and upended the bucket.

There were damp pieces of cleaning cloths. There were gloves, a couple of pairs. There were dusters, spoiled and wet and everything was stained, with black sticky patches and sloshing out on top of everything was a small amount of water. The water was dirty, with streaks in the dirty liquid. Years in the A&E left her in no doubt. She had seen this before, many times. The water was mixed with blood.

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